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The Kinks’ Dave Davies Recounts Love of Mysticism and Yoga

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“I was interested in psychic things and in spiritualism even as a boy. I’d started doing yoga by the early 1970s. I was in a bad way, inside, at that time. That’s when I was most out of control, in New York in 1971. I was drinking. I could hear weird creatures talking to me. I was looking out of the hotel window thinking I wanted to jump.

Eventually I found that the only way I could enjoy being me was without any of the drugs and drink and stuff. I started to practise[sic] yoga and controlled breathing. When the body is quiet, the mind is quiet,” Dave Davies, founder and lead guitarist of legendary 60’s band The Kinks, tells Telegraph UK in a recent interview where topics spanned the musical and mystical gambit of “Hinduism, Buddhism, Aleister Crowley, the Tarot, tea leaves, WB Yeats, Madame Blavatsky, crop circles, yoga, alien abductions and Jesus.”

Dave Davies LOVES spiritual energy. His favorite focus? Kundalini. Can you see it rising?


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  • Aleister Crowley, oh my, that does bring back some sixties stuff 😉

    good for dave, gave me some of my favs back then that still are…

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