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Shirley Maclaine “Should Do Yoga” Says Shirley Maclaine

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“I should be doing yoga but I can’t any more, I’ve a spine problem. I really should pay attention to my posture. I got the bad back from wearing heels and dancing in them,” says acting legend Shirley Maclaine, 76, perhaps most famous for her academy award winning role in Terms of Endearment, her real life role as big sis to Warren Beatty, and boogieing the night away in 6 inchers! Apparently.

Back problems and posture issues? Oh girrl, this is the very reason to step back on the mat! Right, ladies?

Er, unless you were born with Birkenstocks on your feet. Shout out, New England.



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  • i’d say depends on the spine problem –

    “most” the time there’s some sort of modifications that’d allow “some” yoga, but not always…

    i wish her the best, and hope she finds she can do something suitable to maintain her fitness

  • Yogi-A

    “Oh, I can’t do yoga; I am not flexible.”
    Most frequent answer when the proposition:”You should do yoga.” comes up in a conversation.

  • The “I don’t do yoga because I’m not flexible” argument is like saying “I don’t exercise because I’m not in shape.” or “I don’t go to school because I’m not educated.”
    I’m working on figuring out how to inspire people to want the benefits of yoga while encouraging them in a non-threatening way.
    But yeah…the problems she describes are the problems yoga can help restore!

  • Let’s get that lady into some restorative yoga, stat!

  • Ali

    Blahahaha!! that post title is the best ever.

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