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What Is Kirtan? Will It Rearrange My Insides? (funny video)

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What is Kirtan anyway? Watch these helpful and hilarious robot-erated videos and learn! Or be further flummoxed. Either way, repeat after us, it’s a good time… it’s a good time…

“Will it rearrange MY insides? Does that cost extra?”

And here’s the first one. Not as funny, but still a hoot in an uncomfortable, post sweaty yoga kind of way.



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  • both are disturbingly funny, or cute, or kinda funny, hmmmm –

    does this require another $10 donation?

    ps – not sure why, but was kinda expecting the type humor the photo at the beginning seemed to imply 😉

  • Toddy

    A Kirtan info desk at a Police Station … Can I have one of those donuts?

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