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Schools Divvy Up Funds for Yoga Programs Improving Student Focus, Health and Performance

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Yoga in the Classroom: Good news! More schools are adding yoga and meditation to their curriculum. Two recent stories from UK’s Daily Mail and Wall Street Journal highlight how more and more kidlets are getting a chance to try fun poses, relax and breathe with yoga programs actually supported by the schools’ administrations. (and, uh…taxes)

In Essex, England a a £20,000 government grant is helping to fund trials of hour-long classes focusing on breathing and relaxation using meditation techniques.

In the states, CA’s Paul Ecke Central Elementary School added yoga to its curriculum in January for its 650 students at $20,000 a year.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Center for Children received more than $1.3 million from California’s Mental Health Services Act Innovation grant in February to start a wellness program, which includes yoga.

Some may consider this extravagant spending, especially during tough economic times, but we see it as conscious investing! And preemptive measures – way cheaper than anger management, extensive tutoring, and juvie in the long run!

Besides schools, the psychiatric unit at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado uses yoga “with children ages four to 20 who suffer from issues such as mood disorders, eating disorders or autism,” says Michelle Fury, the hospital’s yoga therapist.

Studies are showing how yoga is helping kids deal with stress and improve cognitive skills, as well as teaching body awareness, boosting self-esteem, self acceptance and respect. It’s a no brainer!

–Shout out to Donna K Freeman from Yoga in My School for her mention in WSJ!



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