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Denise Richards Escapes Tornado Charlie, Does Yoga in Bahamas

in Celebriyogis, Public Display of Yoga, YD News

Annnnd, then there was Denise Richards doing yoga on the beach, in the Bahamas! You know Denise, ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen, the former half of the winning couple, the mother of two little Tiger Blood spawn.  Well she’s conveniently ducking the Violent Tornado of Truth and finding shelter on her yoga mat in the tropics, where she can find peace, calm and yogarazzi in her face! How relaxing.

Is that a pilates mat? Looks extra cushy. Also, it seems to change color when in use. In other news, nice parsvaK De-de.



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  • she’s smart 😉

    like the way there were multiple photos too!

    it seemed to both my wife and myself, when she was on dwts, she had a kinda lingering pain in her face, so i’m glad to see she’s found a way to look more at peace with herself

    i’ll try not to be “too” envious of the fact she can travel so freely, after all, i can play a dvd 😉

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