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Do Yoga, Lose Weight, Win Cash! Local “Biggest Loser” a Healthy Contest?

in YD News

What would you do for $1000? Lose weight? With yoga?! It’s Brooklyn’s version of “The Biggest Loser” an eight-week “body transformation” challenge sponsored by Namaste Yoga of Kensington. If you make it through multiple calorie-crushing classes (including yoga, kick boxing and belly dancing), several weigh-ins, and a before and after photo test you could win the dough! Sounds fun, potentially lucrative, and maybe a tad unhealthy. But nothing too different from your regular reality show of dropping pounds for pay (and health, yes it’s about health, of course).

“There’s no backstabbing like you see on reality television,” said Salome Johannes, 43, of Midwood, who would call it a personal victory if she dropped 10 pounds during the contest. “It’s a friendly competition.

“It’s like a support network,” she added.

Wait, no drama? Borrrring! (kidding). While the whole weight loss contest for cash concept gives us heartburn – do we really need $1000 bucks to lure us into living better? – we appreciate the team effort approach to finding healthier, happier bodies, and thanks to yoga, minds too. We know they incorporate yoga on the TV series, and we’re confident that, comparison photos be damned, the effects of a regular yoga practice will far outlast the 8 weeks AND that thousand smackers. That’s only 1/3 the cost of a yoga retreat, or like 11.1 cases of coconut water. pshht.

(Also it costs $350 to sign up for the challenge).

[NY Daily News]



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  • yes, but are they melting their bra fat?

  • JeffreyD

    Eating less is so much more effective than doing yoga. Does belly dancing burn any calories at all?

    • Yogini5

      Yes it does, more so than some forms of yoga, including the style I prefer NOW.

      Looking back, I had been maintaining my weight at some pounds less with a slightly different style of slow flow than I do now. And I didn’t do much more activity in my exercise in addition to the yoga, as compared to now.

      I think credit for much of that lower weight (before) goes to my lettuce binges.

  • Yoga is much more than a way to lose weight, although it is quite good at that too. I’ve had some experiences I’ve been happy to share with the world, you can read about them here: http://www.loveandyoga.com/lose-fifty-pounds-five-years

  • now if they “paid” me $1000 to do the challenge… 😉

    but good for these folk for entering (at $350 a pop!) and thus paying for the motivation and training exposure for their minds and bodies

    i’m not sure (quit smoking in ’83) but does $350 even pay for a pack of cigarettes anymore? 😉

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