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Big Bodies Get ‘Plus-Size’ Yoga

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Do you have a bigger body? Are you intimidated to practice yoga because of it? It’s true in the culture of fitness, and by association, yoga, we’re often surrounded by images of sleekly slim yogis flexing their lanky limbs on the mats next to us, leading the classes, or plastered in front of us in ads and magazines. It’s enough to turn you into a closet yogster, or not try at all, and that’s just not cool with us!

“I started my practice because I was tired of being the biggest person in the classroom,” said Michael Hayes, who runs Buddha Body Yoga in Union Square for “big people.”

Tuesday’s Daily News features Mr. Hayes, a 250-lb instructor who started Buddha Body, specially targeted towards “big people.”  Studios wouldn’t give him prime-time slots because they “they assumed people wouldn’t come,” so Hayes branched off on his own. In your face! But, perhaps that’s just what needed to happen, eh?

We think everyone should feel comfortable to participate in the practice and so we’re really digging the efforts of those out there, like Michael Hayes, who are creating the spaces and providing the setting where all can feel welcome. Stick figures, full figures and everyone in between!

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  • Elizabeth

    Power to the yogis and yoginis! Yoga is for EVERY body, regardless of size or antyhing else.

  • Awesome! Thanks to Michael for his great work!

  • When I say yoga needs to be accessible, this is what I mean! Wonderful!

  • i got to practice with michael while i was in nyc last fall – he is an amazing, generous, and delightful guy! and his yoga wall rocked my world. i was able to do a full wheel and a headstand, and feel strong and comfortable in my body while doing them.

    i teach curvy yoga here in Atlanta – here is an article that was on the front page of the living section in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a few weeks ago – http://www.ajc.com/health/yoga-classes-geared-toward-869099.html

    • Yogini5

      Yoga wall like they use in Iyengar – with hooks/straps?

      I’d mentioned use of wall straps to the Master Swami who was teaching us one day. Of course that studio, unfortunately, has mirrors and fewer props (and no wall); but the use of props are encouraged greatly. [The mirrors are hardly used in the course of the class.] The classes are amazingly size-(and age)-diverse … more so than the studio I’d left for that one.

  • Great to know there is yoga for BBW. Thank you.

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