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This Week In Yoga: Top Models, Russell Brand, Guts, Glory, More Glam, Less Pain!

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Grab your feather boa and face glitter, we’re headed to glamsville yogsters! Think you’re too young? Too old? Too beautiful to do this pose? Think again! We don’t care if you’re a pop prince or piddle paddle pedestrians, we’re headed to the big time now. And if you’re not gonna ride with us, we hear they’re handing out F*ck Yoga pins at the train station in Vancouver. Yeowch! Chill babies. Go meditate, aka “yoga in your head” with Russell Brand, and call us in the morning. LOVE.*

* no quaaludes needed.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga: Yoga Superstars!

They’re BIG:

They’re small:

They’re model-ly and not afraid to bow down on national television:

Or stand up for their rights!:

They carry on the legacy:

And seek the balance in every day life.

And they might even do so with less intense sensations from pain stimuli?



This Week In Yoga: YJ Cover Model Contest, ‘Cops’, Kitties and Celebriyogi Mommas

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