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Russell Brand Won’t Show Us His Yoga, Or Will He (video)

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Russell Brand, funny brit known for his raucous humor and freaking out pretty popstars with yoga antics behind the scenes, is still too shy to show us his chops on live television. Friday on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’, Trudie Styler brought her own brand of yoga to the set, but Russell refused to join in despite the ladies’ egging on to “take off your trousers!”

“I’m just going to watch first and see if I like it,” said Brand. “I’ll stand round here, near where your bottoms will be.”

Later on when Ripa takes a dig at Brand for not joining in, he coolly replies with, “I am participating! Yoga is in the spirit and the soul, not just the body,” argued Brand. “Inside I’m going nuts.” Heh. Zing!

Nice come back, Mr. Brand. Note to self: add this to list of party responses for the inevitable “you do yoga? let me see!”



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  • when i first heard of brand, i thought, what a joke!

    but i’ve gotten to kinda like the guy, like his humor, seems like quite a character

    i wouldn’t be surprised, though, if something splashy for his yoga debut is in the works, maybe in a movie? no idea though; be interesting to see 😉

  • is he wearing meggins (men’s leggins)? those look like impossibly tight pants.

  • …love Russell 🙂

  • JeffreyD

    He was doing crazy yoga sex moves with Kirsten Bell in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

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