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Russell Brand Scares ‘Big Time Rush’ Bros with Yoga, Crumpets, Cockney

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Ah yes, Russell Brand, the cockneyed comedian, Katy Perry-loving yogi! No yogarazzi spreads a la Carmen Electra quite yet, but Mr. Brand is flashing his flexi skills for the bros of hit Nickelodeon show “Big Time Rush” a show about the making of a boy band. (WARNING: do not click on that link unless you are fully prepared to get a blast of boy band-aliciousness only Bieber fans are desensitized to, and also drool over).

Via Mirror UK:

“When most people are tired they take a nap. Not Russell. He does yoga. He’s on the floor doing the ‘sitting dog/duck’ pose and contorting his body into weird shapes. Then we’d have tea and crumpets and talk cockney. He was mad,” says Kendall, a star on BTR, regarding Russell’s guest appearance.

Love it! The idea of whipping out “kooky” yoga moves in front of young popstar chaps makes us giggle with girlish delight. We hope some of the shenanigans made it into the episode.

For extra kicks check out this deleted scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, featuring Russ as the rock star, and apparent Namaste mag cover model.

this version‘s a little better (embedding disabled).



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  • “I’m doin’ a handstand, Mother F*%ker!” classic.

  • Yogini5

    I think about 50% of the yoga studios I have been unlucky enough to try out in the past few years, verbalize but not in quite that crude way as does Kristin Witt, playing “Prana, the yoga teacher” to certain of their students, ” you are the stars in this class…”

    Crude: “Go take child’s pose.” Well, I *wish*, sometimes.
    A mature teacher would do that. A mellow style. But the crude has to go.
    Then again, Sears Roebuck seems to be giving yoga teacher training these days.

  • I’m with you Wild Dingo – that is exactly how I felt the first time I made it into a headstand!
    The movie clip is hilarious – thanks for the smile this morning Yoga Dork.

  • I love when yoga makes it into pop culture like this. It might annoy some hardcore yogis, but I think it can only help yoga transform people it wouldn’t normally reach. Also, Russell Brand cracks me up. Maybe I’ll follow his example and do yoga instead of taking a nap the next time I’m tired.

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