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Ogden The Inappropriate Yoga Guy Gets “Fit ‘N Ass” (video)

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Uh oh. Remember Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy? He’s not having a hard time reminding you.

The inappropriate one is back with a ditzy diddy entitled video “Fit ‘N Ass.” Not exactly his funniest nor most solid work, but somehow those shiny blue spandex shorts never get old.

What’s your take? Funny or flop?

Here are the classics:



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  • i was ready to not like this before it started, but…

    hey, it was not bad, some good moments, consistent tone, and – funny!

    i keep being amazed how versatile craigslist is for stuff 😉

  • Juanita’s expression @ 1:09 is amazing. I think she needs her own video.

  • Yogi-A

    “It’s okay, I’m in the teacher training program.”
    Someone use it in a bar, quick!

  • I never got the fuss about Ogden. Still don’t.

  • snowyogi

    the first one was the only really funny one. but it IS really funny – just rewatched and died laughing again hahaha

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