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This Week In Yoga: Iyengar’s Bunny Love, Texas Regulation Duel, New Yoga Brands Take Over!

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In like a lion, out like a lamb, is that how March is supposed to go? Whomever made up that old saying never met the likes of YD! It’s been yet another wild week where “I teach yoga” means fightin’ words in Texas, sssnakes will trigger your terror kundalini and 10 new yoga styles are set to take over the world! Also, wasn’t there hail in NYC? HAIL! If that’s a lamb it’s got one helluva roar. Frankly, we’re simhasana fans/vinoyoga dabblers ourselves, so bring it on.

Here’s What Happened This Week in Yoga:

You may have noticed some changes cropping up around these parts. Yay! We’re over the supermoon salutes to welcome the fabulously feisty yisforyogini as a regular contributor. We couldn’t be more pleased to consider her a bonafide member of yogadorkdom. Stay tuned for more funnies and fun stuff from the YD team.

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