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Student Body Unites in Yoga Pants Protest Against Dress Code

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Here’s your heroic yoga pants story of the week!

Students of Battlefield High school in Haymarket, VA protested Monday wearing yoga pants in solidarity! No they’re not all super teen yogis, but they ARE standing up against a recently enforced no “form-fitting” dress code, including yoga pants, which has brought out the stretchy bottoms brigade.

“I think it’s crazy that they’re just now trying to get on it,” said Devon Greene.

He is a senior at Battlefield and says during his four years at the school, there’s never been a dress code issue.

“These girls have been wearing yoga pants the whole year and all of a sudden they’re telling people they can’t wear yoga pants. It’s crazy,” said Greene.

So many students rebelled and even started a “Wear Yoga Pants to School” Facebook page to rally the troops and gather petition signatures.

But Battlefield Principal Amy Ethridge-Conti denies the yoga targeted crackdown, saying inappropriate clothing is handled on a case-by-case basis.

“We don’t prevent students from wearing yoga pants,” she said. “The code simply states that students can’t wear form-fitting pants,” she explained.

The fracas is still stirring amidst the student body and administrative staff, but the powers have softened and it seems that yoga pants may be safe and sacred again, for now.

Damned kids these days. Sex, drugs, rock and roll and yoga pants.

sorry if the video is funky, blame fox.



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  • goodness, brings memories of girls kneeling in hallways to have inches of hemline above the knee measured 😉

    couple of students had the best perspective, “the teachers were the same thing, but call them sweat pants” –

    hot yoga!

    which down here in galv in what we call daily living most the year 😉

  • Great Story!
    I hope to see yoga practice in schools one day…. along with the pants.

  • The Yoga to go with the pants would be good, help in many areas of physical and mental health…

  • I never really understood how removing temptation was good for our personal development.

  • Fiddldeestickdeath

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