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Update: Co-worker Arrested in Lululemon Murder

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Wow, as if we needed more shockers this week. The Lululemon murder gets even more sinister as Brittany Norwood is charged with killing her co-worker, Jayna Murray. That means NO mysterious masked men were involved, as originally reported to the police by Norwood herself. Also, it appears Norwood’s story of sexual assault was a lie and her bruises and wounds, self-inflicted. This is not the kind of stuff we like to report on.

Via Washington Post:

A big break in the case was provided by evidence found in Murray’s car, [Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas] Manger said. Norwood had gotten into Murray’s car, which had been parked in front of the store, and drove it to a parking lot a few blocks away off Wisconsin Avenue, the chief said. He declined to specify what was found in the car.
Manger also said detectives found only two sets of bloody shoe prints in the Lululemon store. One set belonged to Norwood, he said, and the other came from shoes that belonged to the store and were found at the crime scene. So that cast doubt on the story about intruders, police said.

In addition, employees of an Apple store next door said they heard two women arguing the night of the killing, Manger said.

While the town of Bethesda can breathe a shallow sigh of relief knowing now that there aren’t any masked madmen on the loose, it doesn’t soothe the minds of Jayna’s family, friends, and co-workers, or the yoga community. It’s a sobering reminder that even the cheeriest and perceivably positive of settings can’t prevent emotions from overriding rational decision making. Unfortunately, this ended up as a stark example of goalsetting gone wrong.



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  • wow. this development saddens me deeply. so shocking.

  • Ana

    How is this “a stark example of goal-setting gone wrong”? What does the murder have to do with goal-setting?

    • Andrea

      I believe YD was referring to lululemon’s well-known culture of goal-setting: http://www.lululemon.com/education/goalsetting

      • Ana

        I realize the company has a culture of goal-setting, but it’s a non-sequitur to try to connect that culture with the murder. It implies that this was a case of goal-setting that resulted in murder…a convenient sound byte maybe, but nonsensical nonetheless.

        • Tina

          Ana, I agree. Not the time/place to take a dig at lulu culture.

  • Very, very sad.

  • andrea batz

    Goal setting is great but has nothing to do with the murder. Unless you try to make a correlation with the inherent stresses one places upon oneself when trying to achieve so much. But that’s nonsense too. A ridiculous comparison.

    I feel that they should have had a tighter screening process and more diligent security. If they had. Norwood would have never been re-hired at the Bethesda store. And there should be security cameras. Screw corporate for thinking that it sours business. Install the cameras Everywhere!!!


  • K

    I read that the company transferred her, and also suspected her of stealing at the first store. Since the Bethesda store is pretty far from the first one she was at – they may have done this hoping she would just quit, because they suspected her of stealing but had no proof to fire her.

    I’m sure there is a lot of information that we aren’t aware of, but I’ve worked in retail and a LOT of crap work gets put on employees… bag checks are just the everyday norm at some places, but if the company made it Jayna’s responsibility to check if this girl was stealing because they had no proof from the other store – that’s a pretty big responsibility for someone making an hourly wage.

    • Where did you read that?

      • K


        “McCarthy said lululemon management asked Murray to check Norwood’s bags when they closed the store together March 11.

        Murray called her manager that night to report she had found stolen merchandise, but did not immediately confront Norwood. Norwood told police that she and Murray closed the store at 9:45 p.m.

        She called Murray 15 minutes after closing and told her she needed to get into the store to retrieve her wallet.

        Prosecutors did not say if Norwood was ever confronted about what Murray found in her bag.

        WTOP reported Monday that Norwood was transferred from the lululemon store in Georgetown to the Bethesda location because of concerns she was stealing merchandise. A Montgomery County police spokeswoman would not confirm the report.

        Wood said Norwood was never caught stealing from lululemon as such a crime would have meant her dismissal.”

  • Wow. That’s unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine what could have made her so angry to end the other girl’s life.

  • quinn

    I’m sorry, but its plain stupid for any manager to accuse an employee of theft and attempt to search the employee’s bag without a third party (preferably someone in senior management) present. Murray shouldn’t have done those things without someone else present. Not saying she deserved what happened. But perhaps Lululemon needs to teach its store managers how to handle difficult employees better. Also, not sure what the whole “goal-setting” comment at the end of your post meant. It seems kinda inappropriate.

  • I worked for lululemon from 2007-2010. The responses to this horrible tragedy lead me to share my story…


  • I worked for lululemon from 2007-2010. The responses to this horrible tragedy led me to share my story…


  • Kathryn

    What a terribly sad story. Surely this can’t have been premeditated?

  • Kathryn

    I just noticed that in her mugshot the female suspect is wearing a lululemon jacket. Ironic.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    its only takes an easy look at “lululemon culture” that its just a feel-good workout culture that has nothing to do with real yoga, and the fact that they try to include cutsie little sayings that try to sound “wise” does not mean that it includes the principles of the real artform. As someone that has practice yoga for over 25 year, and holds a doctorate degree in yoga philosophy, promoting these hot-styles of “yoga” combined with ridiculously packaged “do whatever feels good” simplistic mentalities is a one-way-ticket to right what you have got. im not the least bit shocked. lululemon is a business to make money. its not a “lifestyle” of any substance. its a retail store. and its employees are definitely a reflection of that. FAKE lifestyle being sold for tremendous prices. why not just get plastic surgery? Because its not organic? get real.

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