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Ke$ha Does Beach Bikini Yoga

in Celebriyogis, Public Display of Yoga, YD News

Oh, hi! It’s 24 year old garbage-chic pop star Ke$ha snapped yoga-ing on the beach in a bikini.

Nothing much to see here. Just a little Public Display of Yoga. What? We PDY all the time with a tiny tube top bikini and mesh bottoms.

ps. this is Ke$ha.



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  • i love ke$ha. i love yoga. i love this.

  • zeek

    this just makes her THAT MUCH more AWESOME!

  • Daniella

    I once PDYd in a bikini and a person that worked in the hotel came to yell at me. Was not cool :(. Not everyone understands pdy

    • Ben

      I always get shy when it comes to PDY

  • Are you sure she’s doing yoga and not just stretching?

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