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Murder and Assault at Lululemon Bethesda, MD in Suspected Burglary Attempt

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Holy smokes, this is just awful news. YD, in bringing you all the yoga news worthy of mention to keep you informed, this is just tragic.

Bethesda, MD. Police are still on the search for two masked men who murdered one employee and assaulted another in what is suspected to be a burglary attempt that occurred around 10 pm Friday night at the 4856 Bethesda Ave lulu store.

The two employees entered the store through the front door and went toward the back to retrieve the forgotten item. Police believe that as the two women were leaving the store through the front, they were confronted by two masked men, Starks said.

Investigators believe the two men, cloaked in black and wearing gloves, then robbed the store, killed the one woman, identified Saturday as Jayna Troxel Murray of Arlington, Va., and assaulted the 27-year-old employee. Police said one of the robbers was about 6-feet tall and the other about 5-feet-3-inches.

“We can’t rule out [the crime] was random, but the suspects were clearly prepared to do something. They had gloves and masks with them,” said police spokesman Capt. Paul Starks. “Whether they had planned to rob the store, or planned to commit some other type of crime, we do not know.”

An investigation is currently underway to find who committed the terrible and senseless act. If you have any info regarding the incident you are urged to contact the Homicide/Sex Section at 240-773-5070. Those who wish to remain anonymous may call Crime Solvers of Montgomery County toll-free at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477) or 240-773-TIPS (8477).

[Via Gazette, Washington Post]

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  • This tragedy really hits close to home, literally and figuratively. When I heard about it this morning when I walked into the studio, I was struck with sadness. Not only because it has affected part of the yoga community, but because how easily something like that could happen to me. I live in Baltimore, and I was under the impression that Bethesda was a safer area than here. I can’t stop thinking about the things I have in common with the victim; a strike against humanity truly affects us all.

  • My heart goes out to the victims, their families, the community and Lululemon. Blown away that something like this has even happened.

  • K

    I practice near this store, and since I don’t have a tv, this post was the first I heard about this. My heart also goes out to those involved.

    There isn’t a lot that can be said after such a situation, and saying anything may run the risk of saying something wrong. My teacher tonight said (in a much more eloquent way than I will say here): Let’s look out for each other. Don’t go alone, if you see someone alone, walk with them – as a community people can help each other.

    I think this can apply in a much broader context than personal safety in the near vicinity of this incident.

  • Kristen

    I grew up in this community and no one would ever expect anything like this to happen in Bethesda. It’s always been a very white middle class safe suburbia area with minimun crime. Total shock to not only the yoga community, but the Bethesda community as well. No one would ever have expected anything like this. Flowers and candles have been left outside the shop in the past week in memorium for those ladies assalted, a true testament to the love that is the D.C. yoga community.

    My heart and prayers are with the victims and their families.

  • M

    Today, a suspect was arrested. It is THE GIRL who was originally thought as surviving victim. There was no masked men, no rape, no assaults. She killed her co-worker. 2 people at Apple store heard two women arguing. (Police had press conference at 7 pm today)

  • meg

    UPDATE: co-worker has been arrested for the murder at Lululemon.


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