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This Week In Yoga: Do the Electra-Gaga-Tiger Blood Yoga Dance

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The first week of March and we’re already hopped up on Sheentastic tiger blood! Er, lion? Liger. Yes, in like a cross-eyed, tongue-wagging, simhasana with stripes, we’re so ready to take on these last few weeks of old man winter! We even got a new look for the occasion, did you see?! What do you think? Big shout out to Elina for her amazing help and wizardry!

Got plans for the weekend? How about taking some yoga photos and submitting them to our YogaDork Cover Model Gallery?
As for us we’ll be practicing our new tap dancing gagurasana routine. In bed.

Here’s What Happened This Week in Yoga:

Annnd we’re back…

Other Winning News:

Happy Friday!

Stay tuned for more #365Yoga – blogs, giveaways, howdy’s and high-fives.



This Week In Yoga: Get Up, Stand Up, Whiskey-A-Gaga Cover Model Style

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