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When Yoga Becomes an Elegant Dance (video)

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

We’ve seen enough public displays of yoga to sink our navasana! And we’ve come to appreciate what can be called yoga dance, or something of the shakti shaking sort, thanks Thom Yorke! Lotus unfurling aside, one could argue for the yogic art, that delicate dance between body, breath and mind, and maybe even a partner. ooh.

If you haven’t seen this clip before, check out “Variations On Surya Namaskara” featuring music by Jonah Rank, and performed (yes, performed) by Phillip Askew & Lydia Walker. It’s maybe not Natalie Portman’s Black Swan, but you tell us if this isn’t as as graceful and smooth as yoga pudding, er would that be yogurt? No matter.

Take note, Lady Gaga.



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  • Love his videos! This one is great, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDy7PZWRmeQ

  • THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting!

  • what a beautiful yoga duet!!!

    • Jade’s are the best mats ever! I too recommend them to evoneyre.I’m fairly certain you haven’t used Jewel’s song Hands which is one of my pop/yoga favourites. And, oddly, I was thinking just the other day about how you use songs and how I’d put Hands up very quickly if I were doing such a neat thing.

  • to quote above, “ooh”

    guess i’ll see if i can do a chair, or loveseat 😉 modification of this…

  • This is such beautiful perfomance! love love love!

  • Dayita

    Shiva & Parvati 🙂 It lives up to the name…

  • Ryan

    @ 4:37…awesome-sauce!

  • Wow!!! I’ve never seen something like that. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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