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Lady Gaga Bare and Barefoot in New “Born This Way” Video, Nice Yoga

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Because it’s Monday!
It’s Lady Gaga! The whiskey-sippin’ yoga-toxin’ pop star in her new video for “Born This Way” just released from the loins of…outer space? Yes, born this way she is, practically in her birthday suit. Not sure why she has to be mostly naked to let her lotus unfurl, but when you yoga in your underwear we suppose that’s how you feel most comfortable. Also, no HUGE 10″ tall claw shoes? Yoga looks good on you, lady.
The song kicks in around the 2:30 mark, after the space-trippy, good/evil duality birthing manifesto preceedings.

We appreciate the yoga incorporation, intentional or not. Though we think she could use a few tips on her urdhva gagurasana.



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  • re “her urdhva dhanurasana” – maybe she’s “exploring” the pose? 😉

    last night, watched a free online yoga class sample, found via tweet: “March issue of Kripalu Online is available! http://bit.ly/apvXWA

    the guy leading the class really got into moving some of those static poses around, looked interesting, limbering 😉

    supposed to be a signup for the monthly issues, but never did find it though

  • That video was like a twisted pop music on acid version of the Dark Crystal…but with more masturbation and disturbing stirrup gynecological apparatus obviously.

    • Cj

      I agree. The first time I saw it I thought Dark Crystal straight away.

  • she’d better trademark that asana…..

  • i love this video and lady gaga’s body makes me wanna do bikram yoga. seriously.

  • mlb

    she is absolutely one of the creepiest looking famous people to come along in ages!

  • Wow, that video just blew me away!

    Jessica mentioned Dark Crystal, but I’d also go for a bit of a modernised Superman/Krypton kind of thing going on there!

    However, it’s not much of a stretch to actually see the Shiva/Shakti creation of the universe mythology in this video as well. Plus the whole “born this way” thing… all part of some very yogic concepts, yes?

    She does have an amazing body – totally the modern day Madonna and I’d say more talented, too. 🙂

  • Yoda Girl

    don’t know what i just saw
    don’t know what to think
    my mind certainly ain’t clear
    heads // tails // wha?

    however, this is what i have to say – today

    between the earthquake
    charlie sheen
    and lady gaga

    i feel a need to go deep into prayer and walk and talk with God

    yoga no longer does it for me
    too much going on
    i come out of my shoulderstand into a bridge
    and still wonder — what am i doing
    then flip back into the shoulder stand
    perhaps, it’s time to go to a nunery

    i’m still in the shoulderstand
    typing on my ipad
    balancing on my head

    but i do love this line
    “I’m on the right track baby i was born this way.”

    i’mm just sayin that’s like “do what thou wilt is the whole law” and we know who said that many years ago in England

    and he did yoga too

    peace dork fam

  • Love love love the video and the song….

  • Does doing a particular a physical posture that resembles an asana make it yoga? Isn’t there something more that is required?

  • meetha

    Well said Kashif! Yoga has lost its true purpose and meaning going west wards.

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