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This Week In Yoga: Get Up, Stand Up, Whiskey-A-Gaga Cover Model Style

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Oof.  It’s Friday, we made it! But not before we stomped our yogi feet and pounded our collective yogified fist into the air. ‘We will be heard! We will express ourselves!’ Seemed to be the battle cry from yogis around the globe this week. A new day is dawning and we can feel the burgeoning like the wee little buds ready to burst through the earth, if and when that lovely season known as Spring decides to grace us with its presence. Soon! Til then we’re gonna kick our desk-a.m.vrksasana*, make like Gaga, and get our yotch and scoga on. You heard us.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Have you submitted your photo yet?? YogaDork (YJ Shadow) Cover Model Contest! A Gallery of Diversity

Have a super awesome weekend!

*if you were ever curious how yogadorks work, we’d like to thank Ronald H for gracefully demonstrating.

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