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YogaDork (YJ Shadow) Cover Model Contest! A Gallery of Diversity

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OK, that’s it! We’ve considered suggestions, pondered requests and have made our decision. We’re on a mission.  Are You The Next Top Yoga Journal Cover Model? Maybe! But for those of you who aren’t chosen for the glossy spotlight we’ve got your rockin’ cover op right here on YD! sort of. It’s the YogaDork (Shadow) Cover Model Contest! And it’s so on.

For our version, it’s not so much a contest as a declaration of satya (truth): We ask you send a photo of who you are, as a yogi, a real person, in any shape, size, age, gender or color/clinginess of clothing. We’re not selling magazines. No fancy poses required, but by all means go for what speaks YOU. Everyone is welcome to submit.  Hey it’s no magazine cover, but your photo will be proudly featured in our gallery! (note: while there’s no one “winner” per se, stay tuned, there will likely be goodies handed out down the road for participants, TBA.)

So here we go! In the spirit of #365yoga and in the face of godlike yogalomaniacs ’tis time to express yourself and share with the world that yogis don’t come cut from a mold, that we all have a unique voice, and it’s as rainbow as Oprah’s OWN logo. JOIN US!

You’ve got three ways to enter:

  1. Email your photo to info@yogadork.com.
  2. Facebook: Post your photo on the YD wall, or on your own page and tag YogaDork.
  3. Twitpic your photo! @reply us @yogadork, and use #yjcoverdork (suggested by our first cover entry @cwlucas)

Be creative, but keep it clean! Please use your discretion and taste in choosing your photos. We reserve the right to refrain from posting any photos displaying offensive content, ‘isms, or super lewdness. Save that for your home practice.

Send in photos by March 29th, which is when the YJ contest ends. By the way, we still encourage you to submit your photo to Yoga Journal. We’d love to see you on the cover.

You asked for it. Game on!

SHOUT OUT to Ann Guest-Jelley for launching her own Curvy Yogis, Represent! campaign, and pioneering spirit Nancy Alder. Let’s all participate in sharing our voice in diversity.


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  • Awesome! I’m doing something similar over at Curvy Yoga; it will be so cool to have these galleries up! http://www.curvyyoga.com/curvy/curvy-yogis-represent/

  • Patti

    I wish this post would have linked to Anna’s site, as she is the first person (that I know of) who launched this kind of campaign in response to YJ’s contest.

  • admin

    yes Anna! fantastic 🙂

  • But.. but.. I wanted to share my lewd practice with yooooouuuuuu °eyes watering°
    Seriously great idea 🙂 I am inspired

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Patti! I think it’s great that people can submit to either/both. The more visibility we can raise on the diversity of yogis, the better! ♥

    • Patti

      Agh! My bad — I just realized that I first heard about yours via ElephantJournal, not YogaDork! I thought YD was “taking” your idea after first posting about it, but I was mistaken 😉 And yes, the more submissions, the better! 🙂

  • Done! Sending Anna a copy as well as she really was who got me charged up and excited about it all. Kudos to you both!!

  • Love this! Digging through my archive of photos immediate for something truly *me*

  • Nice! Especially as I can’t enter the YJ contest, not being a US national / resident 😀

  • Richard K

    Thanks for listening. I’ll send in a pic as soon as I can one taken.

    And perhaps soon your “contest” well be the “sunlit” one, and YJ’s will be the “shadow”.

  • Love this idea. Maybe Yoga Journal will write and article about it!

    Just submitted my photo.

  • I am sooo in! I’m going in search of my best geeky yogi loving shot and will send it along!

  • Racheal

    How many naked eagle poses have been submitted?

  • I was thinking about one of the thousands of reasons YJ cover’s contest was bothering me last week as I wrote my own little rant http://thursdayyoga.com/blog/pop-yoga/, and I realized another factor besides all of the more serious problems of the contest enforcing rigid ideas of what yoga looks like…you can’t feel what it feels like to move, or to move in stillness. Most of the shots entered in YJ are still, polished shots, but the feeling of movement is so surreal…as one friend once said, “I don’t look good captured in a still frame, I’m better captured as I’m moving.” So many beautiful people I can picture who aren’t “photogenic” in the still frame…but when moving. Just a thought. I know we are visual creatures…you have to put pictures on a blog these days to get people to read even if the picture is irrelevant. But still pictures are still. And posed pictures are posed.

  • Great idea.
    Naked eagle, huh. That’s definitely a cool naked pose.

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