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King of Limbs: A Yogi’s Interpretation (video)

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Fun! If you’re like us and can’t get enough of this new Radiohead song, you’re going to love a Yogi’s take on Thom Yorke’s shaktitastic dance moves. While we anxiously await all the sure to be hilarious parodies, spoofs, personal renditions and over the top mash-ups to flood the interwebs, we can enjoy Adnan Iftekhar (of Purusha Yoga) doing his best interpretation of a lotus flower unfurling. Who’s the king of limbs now?

Got a camera? We think we should make this a trend. It’s time for “Assignment America”. “You might be a star tonight/So let that camera roll…”

ps. there’s some chatter about how King of Limbs is somehow in reference to Raja Yoga. An Interesting theory, we say. How do you interpret it?



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  • LOL love the headstand sequence!

  • Yogi-A

    That’s actually pretty good~!

  • i don’t know ’bout ref’s to raja yoga, but –

    now “this” is starting to look like what i imagine i’ll be doing as i integrate yoga with jazzercise and zumba, more and more!

    sans the headstands for me though – cervical issues stuff 😉

    ‘cept, for now, what i can’t get out of “my” mind, is a song from this weekend’s wedding party my son loved, when he was less than 5 years old & still does – i liked it too 😉

    “Wild Cherry – Play that funky Music White boy”

    i’m sure there’s a pose in there, somewhere 😉

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