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Yoga Teachers in Protest-Asana Join Tom Morello, 70,000 in Wisconsin Capitol (photo)

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Two yoga instructors joined the protests inside Wisconsin’s capitol building Saturday. (AP)

We snagged this photo and caption posted at Gawker. No they’re not all adho mukha-ing, but it seems yoga teachers* have joined the some 70,000 union workers, school teachers, students, firefighters, nurses, Green Bay Packers and reportedly now Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine swarming the capitol in protest over Republican Gov. Scott “the Mubarak of the Midwest” Walker’s budget bill. [CNN]

*yogis are Alicia Wright, foreground right, and Andrea Russell, both of Madison and Mound Street Yoga.



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  • wow!

    and whether one favors the protestors or not, when we’re lauding the rights of protestors around the world, the least we can do, is support the same rights here in our own country

    the questions of the budget etc, and whether and who should take pay and pension cuts (past and/or present teachers, past and/or present politicians, etc) is something the people of the state of wisconsin should and will work out

    for me, only the best for all involved…

    • ps – is this a multiple sign of things coming?

      multi-occupation blue & white collar protests ?

      yoga-centric practitioners joining protest ranks?

      what next? – artists, corporate attorneys, pet owners? 😉

  • so awesome and inspiring. wish i could join the protests too somehow here in ct…

  • chris

    Good for them, but did they really need to be doing asana during the protest?

  • I have to agree with Chris.

    I think its really great these individuals have decided to show support, but I’m not quite sure of the “intention” here.

    Certainly there are a number yogis and possibly some other ‘yoga teachers’ in the group of “.. some 70,000 union workers, school teachers, students, firefighters, nurses …” that they could get together to participate in a “group” practice/show of support.

  • Kira

    Yay! I also did yoga another day with 6 others at the protests. We did 108 sun salutations and got the entire crew of protestors in the Capitol to “ohm” with us when we finished. An amazing and wonderful experience!

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