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‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith and Ellen DeGeneres Prank Yoga Teacher on TV

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Oh this is just cruel, but too hilarious!
Glee star Cory Monteith (Finn) and Ellen Degeneres play a prank on an unsuspecting yoga teacher, from Friday’s show, February 18th. We’d think this was especially mean-spirited if we didn’t know what a yogadork Ellen is and how we’re sure that yoga teacher was paid handsomely for her energy-ball-passing time 🙂

We’ve been campaigning to interview Russell Simmons, but boy oh boy Ellen would be super awesomesauce, with sprinkles.



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  • kinda funny, but very cute, if that makes sense 😉

    david letterman used to do a lot of that type of speaking works for someone to say, i’m thinking of “fun with rupert” i believe, in and around ny, but also at the “hello deli”

    the imaginary ball routine is something very much what is often done in theatre classes as an exercise using both imagination and concentration, connecting emotion and activities from the past to “now” – hmm, sounds yogic 😉

    i really like ellen, she’s got a great heart –

    i hope she brings that poor yoga teacher back, on air, and gives her an interview; did i say on-air? 😉

  • Hehe, very amusing and I think the yoga teacher handled things pretty well. Hope she sees the funny side of it later, I would! 😉

  • Kinda mean and kinda funny. I’m glad the yoga teacher kept fairly calm even when being the butt of the joke.

  • JeffreyD

    Too mean-spirited, I thought.

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