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New LG Optimus Phone’s Tiny 3D Yogi Will Teach You Yoga (video)

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And now for your latest Yoga in Advertising update:

Holy creepster mini 3D yogi alert! What’s better than yoga video games or a plain old at-home practice by yourself? Why, a tiny yoga teacher on your mobile phone emerging from the screen for “real” 3-dimensional action. Or at least that’s what a new ad from LG “Life Booster for Yoga” for its 3D Optimus gadget would have us believe. Apparently, the phone provides a little person popping out of the screen to teach you miniature yoga!* No special glasses required.

*no this doesn’t actually happen (we’re pretty sure), which makes us think they ought to reconsider their “It’s better for real” tagline.

Here are more stills, because they’re just fun, and super weird!

“Hold me closer tiny yogiiii…”

[Via techd.in]



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  • that was funny. It’s like a yoga leprechaun.

  • omg the “hold me closer tiny yogiii” almost had me in tears! too funny!! 🙂 hugs & namaste!

  • I posted about this a few days ago. While the advertisment is just plain horrible it does make for some interesting potential technology from the practice/training perspective.

    Of course a skinless digital guru might be kinda gross.


  • I just snorted at the ‘hold me closer tini yogiii’…sooooo funny! SO bizarre! I think I’ll become even more of a yoga Luddite now, but thanks anyway, LG.

  • Yogini3

    Well, when you’re a weightless hologram … no pose is impossible … not even those inversions or backbends that give me such a Challenge ..

    Still that little chick is no match for my imagination … just this solid flesh that is recalcitrant …

    And I will rescript the little hologram to sound like a real yoga master, intoning, “You are not this body … this body is on loan to you in this life …”

    That’s when it gets super-weird and woo-woo in its virtuality …

  • Who unabashedly uses an LG phone, with the iPhone more and more available?

    As for the hologram Barbie, well, I suddenly think more highly of yoga DVDs!

  • I know a better way to see each pose in 3 Dimensions. Buy a box of 3D Yogis and Yoginis Box of Poses. They give a full description of each pose and have names in sanskrit and english within their instruction guide. Each statuette is 2-3 inches in size and is made to look exactly like a small girl or boy. It is fun to set them up and duplicate each pose. Each box comes with 16 statuettes/poses.

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