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Master Class: Chris Saudek Comes to Iyengar Institute of New York, Feb 11-13

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THIS WEEKEND at The Iyengar Institute of NY.

“Your body is the child of the soul. You must nourish and train your child.”

B.K.S. Iyengar said that.

“You must take class with one of the most highly regarded Iyengar teachers in the country coming to the Institute this weekend.”

One of our favorite and most gifted teachers said that! How can we not heed their words and share this with all of you NYC yogadorks? Read below for info on Chris and workshop details. Come play, learn and nourish.

Workshop Series with Chris Saudek – Friday, February 11 – Sunday, February 13

Chris Saudek has been a devoted student of the Iyengar family for over 30 years, studying with them regularly since 1980.  Certified at the Senior Intermediate III level, she has been involved with training and mentoring teachers for many years and has been an assessor since 1990.  Chris is particularly interested in teaching students and teachers how to question and learn independently and to grow in their practice and teaching.  She is the principle teacher and director of The Yoga Place in La Crosse, Wisconsin and teaches workshops in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica.  Chris is at once a demanding and compassionate teacher.

Friday, February 11

  • 6:00-8:30pm Level 2 and up
  • $50 members / $60 non-members
  • This class will set the scene for the rest of the weekend. Learn to concentrate on the correct alignment of the pelvic and abdominal region in all the poses. Look forward to contracting, extending and twisting the abdomen in a variety of poses.

Saturday, February 12

  • 10:30am-1:30pm Level 3 and up
  • $60 members / $70 non-members
  • Concentrate on some of the most important postures for the hips and groins that facilitate Padmasana and cultivate a new awareness and enthusiasm for forward bends and arm balances.

Saturday, February 12

  • 3:30-6:00pm Level 3 and up
  • $50 members / $60 non-members
  • This restorative class will be relaxing and renewing for the mind, body, and spirit and bring you more deeply in touch with your Self.

Sunday, February 13

  • 10:15am-1:15pm Level 3 and up
  • $60 members / $70 non-members
  • Intensive work on the shoulders and upper back as well as pelvic opening to prepare for the backbends to follow. Students should be able to push up to Urdhva Dhanuarasana and be able to balance in Sirsasana in the middle of the room.

Teachers’ Class, Sunday, February 13

  • 3:00-5:30pm
  • $50
  • A class to help certified Iyengar Yoga teachers better understand the principles of hands-on adjustments, from the most basic poses to more intermediate and advanced poses.

Weekend Series, February 11-13 Teachers’ Class not included:

$185 members; $220 non-members

Weekend Series for Teachers, February 11-13 with Teachers’ Class included:


See IYAGNY website for more info and to register. Or call 212-691-YOGA (9642)

The Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York
150 West 22nd Street, 11th floor
New York, NY 10011



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