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This week In Yoga: Oprah, NY Taxi “Yoger”, Super Bowl Yoga Revolution (the YD game!)

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Oh what a week of great unrest, cities in turmoil and imminent revolution! Yes, Super Bowl mania is crazy! Seriously though, we have witnessed the power of the human spirit this week and are astounded by the number of people uniting to bring about change in Egypt. Blessings and peace to the east. While we hang about watching dudes toss a ball, wearing appropriate cheese hats and/or beer faces or what have you, let’s channel our inner Oprah and yoga it out no matter who wins. Don’t care about the Super Bowl, but curious about ads? Gawker gives us even more reason not to watch at all! See the commercials without flipping on the remote.

But, hey, if you’re watching the game and need some added entertainment, join us in our new annual Super Bowl Yoga-ing Game! It’s like a drinking game, except you yoga (no rules against combining the two, we won’t judge your tipsy tadasana). Oh sure you can drink, but can you yoga for 4 hrs of ball passing?

Super Bowl XLV Yoga Game – Here’s how it works:

Tip: This is totally fun with fellow yogis, but if you’re the only one in the room even better! You’ll see.

Of course start out by setting an intention, and choose your team! (see yoga pants if you need help)

Down dog for each first down your team makes.

Ardha chandrasana every time your team makes an interception, because you’re over the moon, naturally.

Shout “Om Nama Shivaya” (or a chant of your choice) and do your favorite endzone yoga sequence very time your team makes a touchdown!

Do tree pose during the beer commercials (be sure to switch legs)

Warrior III for any yoga references in commercials!

Navasana for time outs.

Do that number of sun salutations for any extra points your team gets from field goals, etc.

Childs pose when the other teams scores (re-gather your strength)

Pose of your choice every time Brett Favre is mentioned. Kurmasana?

Every time a football player does a yoga pose – TAKE A SHOT! (of your choice).

Have fun! And remember to yoga responsibly!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:



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