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Jennifer Aniston Gifts Oprah a Yoga Mat, But We’d Give Her…

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So on Wednesday’s show, Jennifer Aniston gave Oprah a yoga mat with her puppies on it. aww. Happy Birthday Lady O! While we find the exchange quite sweet, albeit somewhat awkward (see video), Oprah and her staff of 378 were on a vegan challenge this week – one liberal hippie thing at a time eh? Oh, we kid! Veganism and yoga are cool now. Besides, we know O is a total yogadork, though we’re still waiting for her OWN network to catch up with a yogacentric TV show before Bikram gets there first! Or not.

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. What would we give Oprah for her 57th birthday? Well, just because you asked, we’d give her the gift of joining us for #365yoga! Though Adam Sandler’s re-gift intended for his wife – lingerie and Rob Schneider’s hairpiece – is hard to top. But really, raise your hand if you’ve seen Oprah do yoga.  So far, Martha and Ellen are winning this one. Come on, O!

This yogamatic mat has Oprah’s five pups on it. Down dog, Jen says. heh, always the jokester.


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  • Chris

    I would give Oprah a long vacation someplace far away, because she really gets on my nerves.

  • pam

    Forgive my cattiness, but I am sick of her AND Oprah. MEOW….:)

  • It’s a cute idea, but pictures on a yoga mat can be so distracting! I like solid colors only.

  • Karen

    The idea of sitting on your dogs’ faces while doing yoga is laughable. Hollywood is incredible!

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