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Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Yoga Face Off!

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Attention sports fans! Grab your team koozie and sports paraphernalia! There’s a big ‘ol sporting event happening this Sunday, and we hope you’re prepared to shout rowdy things at little men running around on the tv screen in between absurdly expensive mini movies selling you things! Super Bowl XLV is upon us! Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers!

But WHO are you going to root for? Undecided? Already placed your bets? Maybe you should consider our foolproof Super Bowl winner predicter method! Just do what we do when faced with a critical life-altering decision such as this, and ask yourself two important questions: 1. Which team practices yoga? 2. Which team logo would you rather have on your asana?

It never fails!*

Since we’ve found that BOTH the Steelers and Packers dabble in the downdog, it’s down to the pants, people. So, who gets your vote?

Want to make it extra lucky? (read: dorky) Dig out your yoga duds, dress them up in your team’s colors, and downdog every time they make a first down. It’s fun even if you don’t give a flying sage about football!

*this method never actually tested.



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