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YogaDork Giveaway! Win a Complete meSheeky Yoga Outfit, Keepin’ It Fresh #365yoga

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We made it to February! How are all the #365yoga folks doing? New to the journey? No worries, you can hop on this train at any time. In fact, we’re here to help get you on board: a little giveaway can’t hurt to get your engines revving, right? So here we go, thanks to meSheeky for providing the goods, one lucky winner will get an entire yoga getup – Trixie tank + Trixie pant + Trixie skirt. yip! (fellas, we apologize. next giveaway will be gender neutral, promise).

So it’s Groundhog Day here in the US, and Punxsutawney Phil says early Spring…wha? we know! The ice and slushfest outside begs to differ. Maybe Sir Phil should try that again? If you’re familiar with the cult classic flick Groundhog Day you know how valuable and/or freaking annoying repetition can be. The same goes for yoga practice no? It’s a practice…practice, practice, practice. A continuum, though ever-changing. When setting out to do your yoga every day, it’s helpful to keep a rhythm, but also to continue finding newness in the consistency. Which brings us to…

HOW TO ENTER: Big Q – How do you keep your yoga fresh? Do you rotate meditation techniques, sequences, positions? Do you switch up classes and at-home practices? Tell us in the comments. Your tips and experiences may be especially useful for both yogadork veterans AND those just dipping their toes in this yoga pool! (we have the best commenters by the way)

WIN: Trixie tank + Trixie pant + Trixie skirt courtesy of meSheeky.

Entries will be counted through Monday, February 7th. One winner will be chosen at random and announced mid next week.

Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a winner! HUGE congrats to Heidi!

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on keeping your yoga fresh and following along with this #365yoga journey. Keep it up! More to come…



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  • shannon

    I do the Bikram series mostly at home, and the way I keep this set fresh is, I listen to music while I’m doing it, different playlists, etc. My favorite right now is Shiva Rae’s Yoga Trance Dance. I love it!

  • I both mix up at home with in studio and change up my at home sequences. I really love the 20 Minute Yoga Download podcast via iTunes. They have a great variety.

  • I keep it fresh by spending time with teachers I respect and listening to the needs of my body on my mat. When you allow your body and your instincts to guide your practice, magic happens! And, if I’m ever still stuck, checking out the comments on #yogadork and #365yoga brings me back to center.

  • Meg

    I keep a binder of sequences and poses I like to work on. Some are pulled out of the “home practice” section of YJ, some are notes scrawled during private sessions, some are typed documents with options for a restorative practice, a grounding practice, how to prep for certain pinnacle poses throughout a practice, etc. Whenever I feel my practice is a little stale, I reach for my binder and flip to any old page to shake it up! And of course, I go to one class weekly just to keep myself in the studio loop.

  • I mix up my home practice. Sometimes its a long meditation and some restorative. Other days its fully on Primary series. It depends how I feel during the day. If I feel slow or down lots of inversions and backbends.

    Mostly I just go with my own personal flow. Finding that is the hard part.

  • Sarah

    I like to incorporate different, non-traditional moves into my yoga routines. If I’m trying to stretch out, I remember things I learned from that ballet class I took a few years ago. If I’m trying to gain strength or do some cardio, I add aerobic moves. It keeps the sequences interesting and keeps my body fresh!! 🙂

  • I definitely mix it up. Bikram is repetitive anyway, so I find the need for freshness in my routine. A vinyasa or yin class provides great balance, and on the days when I want to be home, a DVD session with Rodney Yee or doing an ashtanga sequence is nice to mix it up. I find it’s best to keep your body and mind guessing so you get the most out of your meditation!

    And PS I looooove those meSheeky’s! Hope I win … eeps! 🙂

    -Rachel @ Alive in the Fire

  • I just do what my body needs no matter what that is.

  • I keep my yoga fresh by listening to my students, they always have such interesting questions and perspectives. Also, tweeting-in touch with fellow yogis and reading their blogs keep my eyes open to new ideas. I also try to get to workshop every month about something intriguing.

    Bottom line: I keep it fresh by never thinking I know everything and always knowing I’m simply a student.

  • Lynette

    I listen to my body. Some days I look to a hard core vinyasa series at a studio. Other days I stay home in meditation for ten extra minutes or just close my eyes and flow from posture to posture, wherever my body takes me. When I am looking for something new, I head over to a few of my favorite resources– whether magazines or online websites for a little inspiration. Listen to you. That’s cheeky!

  • I practice yoga nidra every day. For my asanas, I focus around the six movements of the spine, listening to what my body is asking for. I center first and really check in to see what I want and need. Classes at my yoga center help with creating community and also inspire home sequences. If I find I’m getting stale, I take a new class or go to a workshop.

  • Amy

    I alternate between an Ashtanga practice at my local studio three or four times a week with vinyasa at home either On Demand or with DVD’s I’ve accumulated. These are the two practices I really like, since I do yoga more as exercise than as a spiritual way….however, I’m starting to drink the calming Kool-Aid. It clears my head.

  • kristin

    i’m new at bikram, and i’ve found that i burn myself out if i put in 110% through the full class six days a week. while i build to that, i focus especially hard on one element each class–be it breathing, posture, balance, or whatever else.

    • shannon

      I agree. That series, and those classes, are so demanding that you can’t push yourself too hard. Even one of Bikram’s books talks about that; I think it’s the first one.

  • I keep it fresh by taking different classes and then chatting with my fellow teachers about poses and different sequences. We are trying to do quiet meditation time each morning at work – so far it’s been a slow start but even the intention seems to calm my day.

  • Tali

    I am always practicing for someone who can’t. Whether it’s someone I know or don’t know, there is always someone who can’t get out of bed that day because of depression or someone who is injured or in pain. I send my light and love to them in my intentions.

    That keeps my pracitice fresh because I then follow whatever energy returns to me. Sometimes it’s restorative yoga, sometimes meditation, sometimes a booty kicking sequence. With the intention to practice for someone who can’t, you never get bored.

  • liz

    for me, the trick is to have a no pressure policy and really listen to what my body needs. sometimes my days are so busy that i only have time for 15 minutes of pranayama. this used to cause me additional stress because i would beat myself up for not making or having more time. once i let go of that and focused on how marvelous it was to have 15 whole minutes a day to practice, things shifted remarkably. similarly, part of my practice is really listening to what my body needs and allowing for that. it’s a constant process, but it helps keep my yoga fresh in the sense that every day is different and i’m really giving my body what it needs.

  • Jennifer Knox

    I enjoy challenging myself daily….. whether physical, mental or emotional. Through each action I grow as a person, and love the feeling of each breakthrough. I practice ashtanga, and vinyasa, and anything else that I might stumble upon! =) My movement is my meditation, my ability to share my experiences with others IS my yoga….

  • Courtney

    I prefer the studio – I love the environment of practicing with other people and their energy, as well as not having to think about “where am I going with this sequence?” But I keep it fresh by attending a variety of classes (hot vinyasa, gentle, level 1, level 2/3) with different teachers 4-6 days a week. Everyone’s style is so unique and I get something different out of every class. When I do practice at home, I try to keep it simple and choose a ‘peak pose’ to build up to.

  • Caitlin

    I’m a newer yoga student so mixing things up is not a big challenge. Every class introduces something new. From past experience with ballroom dancing, I know how important it is to try different teachers, practice alone, practice in a group, and sometimes give yourself permission to just focus on having fun. I’ve decided that my approach to yoga, as a beginner, will be ” leave no dish untasted.” I’m like my grandfather at a buffet. Vinyasa flow, sweaty Bikram, power yoga, and meditation. At home, at the gym, or at the studio. Reading every scrap of information I can find. I’ll embrace it all. And I’ll find my own way to be a yogini. My own yoga state of mind.

  • Lisa

    My freshness is a 3-pronged approach. (I’m sorry if this is a little long!)

    A) As a yoga student: I keep it fresh by going to different yoga studios, taking classes with different teachers, and also doing home practices. I find different teachers are always inspiring for me in that they are usually all working on different things, focusing on different parts of anatomy and different poses, and sequencing in different ways. I also love doing my home practice to some chill “non-yoga” music. It just makes it so enjoyable and so personal!
    B) As a yoga teacher: I teach wide range of students- from beginners to more advanced, prenatal, seniors, etc. This makes me have to be constantly on the ball and never fall into a teaching slump. I wouldn’t teach a 71 year old with arthritis and osteoporosis the same way I would teach a bubbly 22 year old with a ballet background. But I do teach both of them yoga. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps constantly inspired and learning. It also keeps that question, “What is yoga?” truly fresh on my mind, which is healthy, I think.
    C) Off the mat freshness: I keep other parts of my life fresh too. By keeping my mind active, always learning and being proactive about things are important to me- like the environment and eco-living. Volunteering, being creative, keeping connected to my family and friends and just having a laugh sometimes. Keeping my mind and my heart open to what the world has to offer, so I’m constantly experiencing new and exciting things, and bringing all that onto the mat.

  • Eve

    Every week I do an Iyengar yoga class, an advanced private practice with my Anusara-inspired-teacher BFF, and as many home practices as I can manage. When the ole’ joints ache, I take a load off and do a longer pranayama and meditation.

    And then on some days, I just think about yoga. I need to get on board with the #365ers.

    I just know more cute yoga clothes would help me towards this goal. 🙂


  • Sybil

    I try to meditate twice a day and although I love Yoga Nidra meditations, I try to do some other form of meditation also. Sometimes I just sit in silence but often times I follow a guided meditation (Shiva Rae (drops of nectar), Ian Gawler (relaxation), Pema Chodron and Kelly Howell (healing) are current favorites).

    I also vary my pranayama and have found that some alternate nostril breathing before bed usually sets me up for several hours of deep restorative sleep.

    My asana practice….that’s another story. I attend 2 classes per week and the teacher varies her routine well. I like the IDEA of having a home asana practice – and I have the tools to do it – I just struggle like so many to actually get my body onto the mat. I am good at legs up the wall pose though and usually find myself doing that most afternoons for 15 minutes or so. 🙂

  • Sarah

    My teachers are wonderful, and help me keep my practice fresh all the time! When I’m not studying with them, I am constantly reading and trying new things in my home practice.

  • Elizabeth

    I am currently finishing yoga teacher grad school, and focused on taking the classes that fulfill those requirements. When I travel for work (like this week), I find yoga studios and take classes. For home practice, I subscribe to YogaGlo which has a variety of different practices and teachers.

    The one thing I always try to do to “keep it fresh” is to bring my focus to what is going on in that practice on the mat on that day. The more you practice, the easier it is to go on automatic pilot in class during yet another down dog or surya B; I try to stay really internally focused on what is going on that day for me, to see the subtle daily flavor of each practice.

  • Usually I know what to expect at the class I attend twice a week, so I like to try something different at home. Lately I’ve been playing around with On Demand TV practices–it’s free, I can do them when I want, and if one isn’t what I thought it would be (soooo disappointed that Metal Yoga turned out to be yoga with weights, not yoga with a heavy metal soundtrack!), I can pick another one.

  • I switch up styles of classes I go to- if I’ve been doing a lot of power yoga, I will make sure to get to an Anusara or Restorative class. If I’ve been doing a lot of asana, I’ll take a day off and do meditation instead. If I’m not feeling well, I’ll read books about yoga.

    Awesome contest, btw! 🙂

  • Moi

    I use a wide variety of yoga DVDs and audio programs.

  • Jean

    How I keep it fresh? I just remember how many years I wanted to attend a class and
    Couldn’t because of low funds and to many kids to watch or no studio close enough. Grateful when I can make a class and happy when I have to miss one or two that I would like to make it because I know I have made it to a point in my life that the lull won’t last long:0)!

  • sb

    I do whatever my body needs that day.. fast heart pumping flow or gentle hatha stretches. I have a large yoga dvd collection for every need.

  • Lewaletzko

    I mix it all up. It helps me to figure out what I need and what is working in any given season.

  • Blissful Girl

    I am always checking out video’s on youtube, go to one of my yoga books, or go through notes I have in a binder and on index cards. Also I will tailor a class based on a student’s question from a previous class, or in consideration of a students injury or limitation to see where we can go from there.

  • I vary calming pranayama and meditation variations for quiet times. I attend studio sessions for inspiration from my teacher and the other students. Watching advanced students can set goals but is seeing newcomers approach a new asana and conquer their fear that really gets me back on track with my own goals. Checking out other teachers’ podcasts can also shed new light on problems I may face with certain poses. I also look for new asanas to work out any physical problems I may be facing, or weaknesses I need to strengthen. Finally, I love being able to schedule occasional private sessions with my teacher for an in-depth focus on my practice and to work on my growth through yoga.

  • Amelia

    hmm, well I do seem to get in a rut… I’ve started looking at a focus like hip openers, backbends, etc. Start at the beginning and think what would be the final pose of the class— from there I pick other poses to prep for the finale! 🙂

  • I keep it mixed up by:

    – going to classes (of any kind) whenever I can afford to
    – listening to my body during my home practice (sometimes this means taking it easy and doing what feels familiar; sometimes this means making the decision to push myself into a less comfortable pose or routine)
    – taking inspiration from random sources (magazines, the internet) to tackle new poses/sequences!

  • I love taking a vacation and making a point to be a drop in at a local class. It’s a good excuse for a vacation! I also always try out the sequences that I see posted in blogs/magazines etc. many I continue to rotate through my daily practices.

  • Kaitlin Lacey

    I keep my practice fresh by taking classes from teachers with different backgrounds. Even if they teach the same class type there’s still a big difference if they’ve trained in different kinds of yoga.

  • Lindsay Park

    I have been practicing for over 10 years and I still find it a challenge to continually switch up my practice. The best advice I can give is getting out in your yoga community and trying recommended studio’s as well as those in your own neighborhood. In the winter month’s I like to add hot yoga to my weekly practice as well as workshop’s (ie. Detox and hip openers). It’s also great to set a goal for yourself each month – it could be focused on inversions or just getting more comfortable in the daily assans like downward dog and child’s pose. Recently I introduced an acro-yoga class into my practice which is great to do with a friend and extremely fun (and a great workout). I hope that helps! Lindsay, Montreal Canada

  • Stephanie Robbins

    I keep it fresh with variety in all aspects. I have a regular studio but several other in the area. Some times, I do yoga inside…other times outside…helps that I live in So Cal. I take my mat on the road all the time. Going for a hike or the park…my mat comes. Kids with me? Incorporate poses for them as well…usually with great animal noses and funny faces. Staying in a hotal..try a balance pose on the 34th floor…it’s pretty crazy I have even done an inversion in the airport just for a good pic 🙂 Yoga is your life…not seperate…and life is always fresh.

  • Angela

    I keep my yoga fresh by tuning in to my breath, returning to beginner’s mind, and cultivating pratyahara. I also try to confront and work on poses I don’t like. Nothing keeps things fresh like a challenging inversion!

  • Morgan

    I have two different studios that I frequent several times a week, and I do a daily personal practice at different times of day, sometimes in the kitchen at work when I’m waiting for water to boil for tea, sometimes first thing in the morning, sometimes before bed, sometimes at the beach during lunch breaks…etc! Just depends on what I’m feelin’! Love that skirt!

  • Meri

    Of course listening to your body is the best way to keep things fresh because you always need some fine tuning but I find that putting my energy into place I wouldn’t normally. Say downward dog, putting my energy into my inner thighs and rolling them backwards. Or butterfly putting the energy into my lower back. It keeps you feeling something different each time!
    I always say there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics and learning something new from them.

  • GOOD question! How DO we keep it “new” or “fresh”… how to keep from burnout in yoga and indeed in other aspects of our lives?

    I take the time to listen to what I need (as opposed to what I want)… and this is NOT always easy. Sometimes it means just going ahead and trying a new pose, a new class or teaching a new pose, technique or listening to new music. That usually triggers a response within me and I can go from there. And I love it when I SUPRISE myself and that “new” pose or challenging pose is just what I need, or the reaction from the class is: COOL! What next?

    If ever I feel stale I take a day off… do something DIFFERENT and come back to yoga refreshed.

    Sometimes just finding a different place to practice, whether in the same room or not is enough… and I like to shake it up a bit with my students and have us face in different directions during practice. Who says you have to do it the same all the time? 😉

    Oh, and SOMEtimes all it takes to keep things fresh and new is… a NEW OUTFIT! I think I need one 😉


  • I like to go to different yoga studios and try different styles. When I practice at home, I mix everything I have learned from those different styles. It keeps me focused and excited!

  • I like to mix up my home practice and take different classes in the studio- I love a good Ashtanga class but sometimes a really creative vinyasa class will present a pose to me in a completely new way! It’s hard for me to mix it up sometimes, I want to do the poses I’m comfortable with, but I just try to remind myself that I need to try new things or shake things up sometimes so that my practice will progress.

    And a good soundtrack change can make the same sequence totally different! Silence sometimes totally changes a pose, too.

  • I keep my yoga practice fresh by taking different classes from different instructors and at different studios. I started practicing yoga early last year, and it’s been a wonderful exploration!

  • I keep my practice fresh by reminding myself that my practice is my offering to the divine; that the attitudes I approach the mat with and cultivate along the journey will be offered up with the purest intention to a purpose much bigger and more important than my (lowercase s)elf.

  • Lyndi

    I mostly have a home practice so I keep it fresh by checking in with what my body needs that day and allow one pose to lead to another. Sometimes I will work towards a goal pose or focus on a main theme for myself. I also like to play with different mudras and hold one for 5 minutes and really see the impact it has on breathe, mood, energy or body sensation.

  • rachel

    i think changing your perspective at each practice can really help keep your practice fresh. going into each session as if it’s your first time really keeps you open to new possibilities.

    doing ashtanga regularly, i’m surprised at how each practice is different! i do try to throw in a slow/deep stretch/yin class to mixup the vinyasa tendency i have. and of course, my home practice always mixes things up since it’s always different as well.

  • Amber

    I make sure that I do at least one or more poses that I don’t “like”. In other words, the ones that don’t come easy and push me to my edge quickly.

  • Halina

    I love going to Bikram classes. The heat helps me stretch beyond my reach. I go wherever I am, at home in my town, or travelling I find a local class. Nothing makes me feel the way I do when I leave that heated room & it lasts all day. I like having different instructors because I learn something different from each of them. Love it!!!!!

  • I try to get to one studio class a week, and that always varies depending on when I can secure childcare. At home I make sure preparing for the classes I teach doesn’t become my only practice, there’s the ‘work’ practice time, and then ‘my’ practice time. I also like http://www.yogaglo.com for in-home classes (not affiliated, just a fan :))

  • Kira

    I practice the ashtanga series, which are all about the repetition. It’s different every day though, because I’m always different, the human moving target. I switch things up even further by choosing to practice either the first or second series or both, depending on what my body feels like it needs on a given day.

  • Ashley

    I am always looking for new routines to follow! I check out youtube for videos or different blogs. I love to look for something specific to me at the moment, like right now I am looking at postpartum yoga.


  • I keep my practice fresh by being open to what my body and mind need each day. Some days I follow a class on Yogaglo or take a class at the studio, or carve out some time to freestyle on my mat. If I don’t feel like practicing, I get on the mat for five minutes minimum. Usually once I’m on the mat, I’m there for longer than five minutes, but some days just stepping on the mat is that hard part.

  • Gayle

    I like to watch yoga podcasts to keep my at home practice fresh.

  • YouTube is great, especially Sadie Nardini’s channel. She keeps it fresh. Also, websites like MyYogaOnline, YogaVibes and YogaGlo are wonderful resources and provide a chance learn from new teachers and new styles that might not be available in your area. Also, they have anatomy videos and more detailed instructional videos which I tend to dork out to. I started a 21 day meditation challenge (Chopra Center) which gives me something new everyday and I just committed to a 60 yoga challenge (Bikram. Gulp). New outfits help, too. 🙂

  • Kellee M

    I keep my yoga practice fresh by exposing myself to a class at a new studio occasionally, reading Yoga Journal and just listening to my body each day. Being present in my body helps guide me to what asanas to practice.

  • Jacquie

    Its important for me to keep things fresh and exciting every day. On one level I like to constantly try new classes and new teachers. Sometimes it can be as subtle as wearing a certain color or a favorite item (clothing or jewelry) that makes me smile or sparks a mood. Lately I have been teaching my friends a class a week just for fun and to practice my new sequences. Finally music, music, music – rotating my mixes and choreographing moves keeps me really engaged.

  • Lizzie

    I keep my practice fresh by taking classes by different teachers and sometimes doing my own thing at home. I also like to have a specific focus, like not clenching my jaw for example. It helps give purpose to my practice. Also, taking a friend to a class who has never done yoga before is really fun!

  • Janine

    I keep my practice fresh through lots of variety — I practice at home, take various classes in various styles, attend kirtans, meditate and generally try to live and breath yogic principles. All day. Everyday. <3

  • I practice in the studio once a week and do a home practice when I can where I can. I stay at home with my two little boys, so sometimes yoga is vrksasana while making dinner or adho mukha svanasana in the playroom while the boys run around. I practice Anusara and I’m doing a RYT 200 class (Hatha) right now.

  • Amiya

    I switch my practice up by joining new classes! I also enjoy teaching my family. They each have very specific needs, making it a new challenge each time.

  • valley

    I stream yoga on dmeand from a local studio so there are tons of videos to choose from each day. I also think its important for me to mix up the time of day that I practice, so it doesn’t become chore-like.

  • How do I keep my yoga fresh? Workshops, conferences and fabulous classes. Last month the Shiva Rea workshop freshened me up! At the end of February, the Texas Yoga Conference in Houston will freshen me up! I also make it a point to study with teachers who love yoga and keep their classes fresh and luminous. I study with Malia, Tearson, Amy, Gloria, Rae, Johanna and Stephany at Lifetime South Austin. On New Years eve, I went to a wonderful Singing Bowl and Yoga Asanas meditation and movement at Eastside Yoga. Last month I attended a fabulous workshop on The Stages of Life with Robert Svoboda at Eastside Yoga. I love yoga and yoga loves me. Yoga keeps us as fresh as the morning dew.

  • Stephanie

    I do a few different classes at the studio each week and then use a few different DVDs at home. And I’ve started doing some variations on the DVDs as well.

  • Chelsea

    I love changing up my practice by dropping in at a new studio, trying a new teacher, or downloading a podcast/video in a style I’m not familiar with. I think of myself as a yoga nomad. As different as all the various teachers and schools of yoga are, they all do seem to maintain a common thread, and it’s fascinating to hear it taught in so many different ways!

  • Dan

    I keep my practice fresh by always listening to an ever changing variety of ipod playlists. Yoga Journal’s site as well as YouTube and Reddit provide lots of leads for good music. When I’m not teaching, I often just get on the mat, listen to a playlist, and do what my body wants to do.
    BTW, if I should win the drawing, does MeSheeky have some male clothing? If they have only female clothing, I guess I can raffle it off for the benefit of Habitat. Maybe I should just do that regardless.

  • Ronnie

    I am a very fortunate man. My wife keeps yoga fun and interesting. We sometimes try partner yoga, but I am so much taller that we almost always topple over causing lots of laugh and fun, but we keep tring.
    She uses different DVDs and sometimes we do our own sequences for different parts of the body. My favorite is her hip openers and twists sequence. It leaves me feeling open and cleansed.
    BTW…we read you faithfully

  • Therese

    I take a different type of yoga class each semester. At home, I rotate between using poses from my phone apps, DVDs, and my Wii.

  • Brittany Mae

    I practice mostly with my grandmother. We use different DVDs or we each take turns making up our own practice; working areas that we think we need.
    I also practice on campus with my friends. We find that doing a relaxing and stretching yoga practice before exams is very helpful in keeping us calm and relaxed for studying.

  • daynya

    By listening to my body. Some days I crave community, and a group class; some days I crave a solo practice at home, with restorative poses and a long savasana or just a long meditation; and some, I crave anything to get my body moving, and tire me out, and when I don’t have the drive to take myself through a sequence that accomplishes this, I pop in a DVD from someone who can. I’ve gone months doing the same thing, and I’ve also gone months with switching it up daily. I get bored easily, and really listening to what I need has completely changed the way I practice.

  • Lisa

    I like to use different podcasts and episodes of yoga shows on my DVR. I try to do a different sequence every day, but also keep a similar focus throughout the week. I make sure to change my intention each time I practice, often coming up with something completely random but just going with it. I love keeping it fresh!

  • Keep it fresh by wearing deodorant! HA!

    As a student and teacher, I keep my practice fresh by trying out new classes/new teachers and honoring when I am better served NOT practicing, but maybe going home and cooking a meal or reading a book instead. Honoring myself and my needs helps keep my practice real, and feeds directly into my teaching.

  • I kept it fresh by attending a different class with a different teacher when I can. I also did the 21 day challenge that YJ offered online and that mixed it up. I also switch up the music a bit. I heard on the radio “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin and integrated that into a flow. I find that when I’m inspired by some music that will often lead me into creativity for my practice. It’s often the voice within that leads me because I’m listening to that more, listening to my body. When I do that, I’m tapping into that well of information and that path, rather than my mind which is often saying “I’m bored, this is the same, blah, blah, blah.” So listen to the radio, see what happens….

  • I live in the middle of a yoga wasteland, so I no longer have the option of the public class… luckily, I’m certified to teach so I can build myself piles and piles of my own class plans. Sometimes I just wing it and do “whatever”… I often make a point of trying a new pose… on a rare occasion I’ll bust out a DVD… and lately I’ve been a big fan of Yogaglo.com. Awesome music on shuffle is always fun too. I try to attend workshops and festivals whenever possible to inject some community into my yoga. Sometimes I even do something silly like rotate my mat a little each day so I’m facing a different direction. I’ve practiced for 11 years, it’s the small things that make the difference.

  • Ali


  • It is difficult to keep it fresh when you are teaching multiple classes a week. They told us in YTT that teacher burn out can happen when we focus our intent on teaching others and not on our own practice. So true!
    On the days that I do not teach, I either do a practice that feels right to me that day either using a DVD or Podcast (thanks YogaAmazing!). But just as often, I will forgo a yoga practice for a walk or walk on the treadmill if the weather is dicey.
    My greatest delight is to attend a class that I don’t teach and lose myself in that practice.

  • I’ve been trying to do a home practice, because it’s just too cold to venture out to a studio! I’m using videos at home, so it’s easy to switch up. I much prefer classes, but haven’t been able to motivate myself out of the house to take one.

  • KrisG

    I have an awesome yoga instructor that keeps classes fun, challenging, and always changing. Also, just pick a random page from Iyengar’s Light on Yoga…..always something interesting there even if not totally doable by the average person 🙂

  • I take classes from the teachers at my studio as much as possible, learn from my students when I teach and take at home online sessions from YogaGlo.com when I can’t make a class. I also like to watch online videos from a number of sources…youtube, yogatoday, yogaglo, tara stiles, etc. and try out anything I have time for, then work what fits best for me and my students into my classes and practice.

  • Callie

    I’m brand new to yoga–so it’s all fresh to me–I just started going to a bi weekly class at the YMCA and I love it!

  • Kim

    I attend as many quality yoga workshops as I can to be inspired by other teachers and yogis, new and old.

  • I try to remain open to whatever teachers comes my way- they might not always be a favourite but there is always something to be learned from everyone!! Change up your yoga style, your yoga teacher, your approach. Stay open to whatever “yoga” comes your way – the asana, the philosophy, the approach you take to life!!

  • Michelle

    I try to focus on a different body part each session. Usually I focus on an area that feels tight or sore and I focus on releasing it.

  • Lizzie

    Not so practical this time of year, but… taking my practice outdoors is my favorite way!

  • I am addicted to yoga themed tumblrs. They give me daily inspiration to go to my mat and usually feature beautiful photography and quotes by yogis. I also like to do some research and find free yoga classes offered in my area, just to switch it up. There usually are some offered by studios and athletic stores in community centers and parks.

  • I take classes at several studios, just to mix things up. They’re all different philosophies and instructors. I love the variety, it never gets old for me this way! 🙂

  • Leah

    I keep my practice fresh by taking different class and practicing different styles each week. I listen to my body and what it needs for the day. I try to get out of my comfort zone once and awhile and take a class that is new to me, I always feel on top of the world when I try something new!

  • Yoga is evolutionary. Being in a flow is our natural state of being. To be yoga, I concentrate on a flow or pose I find challenging until it feels natural. I devote time to creating my own sequences and learning from how well they do or don’t flow 🙂 and I attend a class sporadically to get me out of my comfort zones.

  • Catarina

    Well, I have a secret to always do the yoga exercises! I do them at same time my favorite series is on the tv! I keep up doing and doing and when it finishes the show tcharam! 😀 I’m done.

  • Patty

    Hmm…how do I keep my yoga fresh? I always take a shower immediately after class ;)! ha.

    ALSO… I love searching for new videos, and I try to keep a good rotation going for when I can’t make it to my studio!

  • change the sequence and change the perspective….mix up the tunes and mix up the attitude….try a fresh setting and get a fresh view!!

  • I try to focus on something to do better–balancing in a certain pose, holding it longer, lengthening, etc. Choosing a different focus each time helps me feel like I’m advancing and keeping it fresh.

  • Hillary

    I keep my yoga fresh by making the point to bring my yoga mat whenever I travel(in the US and overseas). I feel like I delve into the local culture a little more then usual, meet cool people and get exposed to different yoga practices by attending classes in cities I travel to. It wonderfully adds to my travel experiences!

  • I love yogaglo.com for inspiration, access to so many wonderful teachers that are at least 400 miles from me, at the touch of my fingertips!

  • snowyogi

    I keep yoga fresh by continually committing to keep on doing it! Every day it is a conscious decision to get back on the mat. Whether I make the decision to practice because I feel stiff/fat/bendy, wanting to experience a new type of yoga/new teacher/new dvd, wanting to wear a new pair of stretchy pants, craving a different pandora station to augment my practice…. any of the above mentioned reasons. Each and every one of those is a reason to get me on the mat, which will be different and new experience every time. A real practice, by definition, is continually evolving and therefore always fabulously fresh!

  • I let my intention inspire me, whether I’m teaching or practicing, just reminding myself and touching base with my heartfelt dedication makes it that much more effortless and important. I’ve whittled it down to three words that trigger me to be in the moment just as it is: Truth, Beauty, Love.

    It doesn’t hurt either that I’m using MyYogaOnline for a year and writing about it for The Yoga Lunchbox online magazine! First article coming soon…)

  • Bronny

    I try different yoga studios!

  • I keep my practice (8 years now) fresh by changing up styles, teachers, times of day, heated and non-heated you name it!. I am a creature of change. I take breaks from even my favorite teachers to try new ones. I take beginner classes once a week to once every 2 weeks, even though I am fully capable of advanced. I go to fast moving Capoiera blended yoga classes and slow flow with chants and meditation. I am always changing it up and keeping it fresh. There is inspiration to be found all around.

  • Melody

    …love to make yoga fresh by rewarding my senses. I change the aromatherapy scents in the room in which I practice and I treat myself to inventive fruit smoothies. Buying new yoga fashionable pieces is always a must!

  • Christa

    I make sure to make my surroundings as calm and peaceful as I can. I clear away clutter. Put on calming music. Light a candle. Then I sit a few minutes and listen to my heart and body. Ignoring the mind, I try to tune into what my body wants, not what my mind says. It’s hard!! I let go of expectations and then move with awareness. Not adhering to any sort of yoga “script” takes me outside my comfort zone yet moving beyond the fear and control, my practice feels more authentic and I am a happier yogi!!

  • SWells

    There’s a great yoga studio in my small town, and I take two classes a week — from two different instructors. Their different approaches and different ways of describing the same techniques help advance my practice (I’m still a newish newbie), help me see things with fresh eyes, and keep me from getting burned out.

  • I keep yoga fresh by switching teachers or trying a new class – even a new studio. I have my “way” of doing yoga, my routine, and getting out of that is refreshing and makes me focus 🙂

  • heather

    New philosophy books, exploring archetypes (warrior or goddess) in sequence right now – new music – but mostly trying to use the breath to explore poses in new ways. I also enjoy watching classes by Kira Ryder at Lulu Bandah.

  • Maggie

    I usually practice ashtanga, but I make an effort to rotate a couple of different studios and seek out new (to me) teachers. Taking a vinyasa class with a new teacher feels like a complete change of pace.

  • i’m sure it wouldn’t mind my telling you this. my yoga stays fresh with a little help from Dove deodorant, lavender essential oil, a rollicking good shower, and…oh, that’s not what you meant? i see.

    i keep it fresh by challenging myself and being as fearless as possible. do i face plant? sure. but scrapes + scratches are temporary (most of the time). have i fallen in class? yup. who cares?! i’m not there to impress anyone, i’m there for ME.

    i’m spending this month (the month of LOVE) getting my asana around to new studios, teachers, + classes. spreading the yoga love never hurt nobody. and it reinvigorates my practice. 🙂

  • va

    i try my best to go to class 5x a week . I have become more positive and fit due to practicing Sampoorna yoga here in India . I love it and don’t know how I keep it fresh really . Just attending class and doing the original teaching of this ancient practice is important as well as being social with my friends who I have met through this amazing class . I’ve learned yoga is a life long process and brings peace . It is to be a non stop I feel because then you loose your shape , peace , and more .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com
    thanks / intl.

  • Jen

    I keep yoga fresh by varying practice style, instructors and studio settings. I do hot, vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha and occasionally Bikram to shake it up! I also do a lot of other fitness related activities and I feel like my varied yoga styles enhance and are enhanced by my other pursuits.

  • lissabliss

    i integrate meditation, asana, chanting with vinyasa, iyengar, restorative and kundalini yoga styles. i frequent three studios, each with different strengths, whether it’s love & community, creative sequences, or precision. i practice at home as well. i approach from a beginner’s perspective, always eager to learn and grow in each moment.

  • My yoga practice is mostly done at home via yoga download, so I try to keep it fresh by doing a different practice every time I hit the mat. I’ve also recently bought a couple groupons for different studios and I’m planning to try out some new styles (hi, led Ashtanga series!) that I haven’t done formally yet. I also make a point to alternate between more intense flows and more relaxed practices. In addition to keeping things french, I like to keep them balanced 🙂

  • Amy

    I often use myyogaonline.com and also like to visit local yoga studios to have my technique reviewed by teachers in case of body misalignment. I’ve also been using the meditation website, doasone.com after yoga – it’s been awesome and just completes my whole practice.

  • Lauren

    Being a mom limits my time, so I practice at home. I usually use yogadownload.com, but when I’m ready for a change I like to do a kind of freestyle yoga. I just pull out my mat and go with what comes to me!

  • Susan Seeley Roe

    I keep yoga fresh by trying out different classes between three different studios. But there is this one teacher that always blows my practice out of the water. Every time I go to her class I always learn something new about a pose that I’ve been doing for years! I don’t know how she does it, but with her guidance & explanation I always leave thinking “how did I not know that about x pose!”

  • Andrea

    There are so many types of yoga that everyone will eventually find their style just by trial and error. I think the hardest yogic practic to master is meditation. I’m still a beginner and have a hard time not thinking about work, the kids or what I’m going to have for dessert. However, the easiest method to start a daily meditation practice is to use a simple portable kitchen timer. I started off at 3 minutes. It helped me to clear my mind because I knew that I only had the timer set for a certain amount of time and that it was my time to meditate. I told myself that not much was going to happen in that short time frame. Everything else can wait for 3 minutes. After a while I got better at clearing my mind and focusing on my meditation, then I would increase the timer another 2 minutes or so. . . The easiest thing to meditate on was my breath. I also would use a wonderfully scented lotion to help me relax. Hope this helps someone out there.

  • i like to move my mat around the studio! i find some people get really stuck in their “spot” but i like the different perspectives of practicing all over the room.

  • Laura

    I do a different podcast at home most nights. Mostly Baptiste, but some Anusara. Kundalini DVDs are also in the rotation (though they sort of fall in and out of favor with me. I guess I have to be in the mood). I go to a group class about once a week and I love trying different teachers. Just found this blog and am having a lot of fun. Thanks!

  • Heather

    I keep my yoga fresh by taking a weekly yoga class and then having an at-home practice where I let myself do what poses my body is feeling for that particular day. It keeps me motivated and interested in what might happen on the mat that day!

  • Katherine

    I always download new yoga apps on my iPhone and computer, so that I add spice to my home workout routine and learn new tidbits from many different sources of information.

  • emily

    Ironically I do the same practice everyday. But I keep it “fresh” by doing other activities to compliment my yoga practice. I try to incorporate principles (such as pranayama breathing) into other activities such as climbing, skiing, biking, etc. Before finding this particular yoga practice, I had been to many different yoga classes. This one just works really well for me and I prefer it over all others. Not taking yoga too seriously also helps, believe it or not.

  • kia

    I switch it up with readings and deciding what to focus on. I had a baby 7.5 months ago and may have overdone it a bit on my diastisis so I have to be conservative in my practice but doing inversions and arm balances with a bit of a wall assist for super fun these days.

  • Well, I am just starting out on my yoga journey so everything is fresh for me but what I *intend* to do is go to classes twice a week and then have a home practice to supplement that. Winning that give away sure would help my practice stay super fresh! 😉

  • I go to a Hot Yoga studio class at least three times a week but some lucky weeks every other day, at different times and different days each week to ensure I get different instructors each time. I have a few episodes of Namaste Yoga DVR’d for days when I don’t want to venture out. Plus I’m lucky enough to subcribe to FIOS which has a handful of yoga(ish) videos on demand. I also get Yoga Journal in my mailbox which always has new things to inspire me with, not to mention all the amazing links I find daily on Twitter! My family is kind of my own little cheer squad as well… on days when I’m feeling pooptastic they are quick to remind me of how much better I will feel after I sweat it out 🙂

  • kelly

    My refresh was a great surprise! My five year old granddaughter told me she would practice yoga …… and she went through the whole 30 minute practice…. even the end relaxation/meditation! (Every once in a while she would turn her head to me and whisper, “Lala, this feels so good!”) I started her out with a classic, Lilias Folan, whom I followed on public TV in the 70’s.
    I also refresh by changing around my music, and love the non-traditional “secular” music choices in your list, YogaDork. ; )

  • Practicing inversions in my yoga swing always gives fresh perspective.

  • LQ

    For years, I was a dedicated ashtangi, which meant I was following the same routine every day. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to think about what I was doing — my body remembered the sequence and could proceed on auto-pilot. But even within that set sequence, there is always variation: always new and continuing challenges, and day to day variation in the way your body responds to the practice. That sequence is still my fall-back practice, but I’ve recently started mixing it up a little more. I ended up in a couple of Dharma Mittra yoga classes, and found that they’re challenging and lighthearted and tons of fun! I ordered one of Dharma’s DVDs, and now practice along with that and/or insert Dharma elements into my ashtanga practice. Also, I’ve started keeping a record of my yoga/meditation practice (inspired by your 365Yoga!) in 2011, and that helps me to see just how much variation I’m getting. Love it!

    • I love that idea and I’m totally gonna start keeping my own record of my practice. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention to the 365Yoga thing going on, but you’ve add inspiration to my yoga journey. Thanks LQ!

  • Kaly

    I keep my yoga fresh by practicing in a few different ways, Hot Vinyasa flow, Kundalini and Yin. I feel like I cover all the bases this way, I feel strength, stretch, breath and peace. I chose what to practice each day based on how I’m feeling but I try and make sure to do each a couple of times a week.

  • I just got the book for #365yoga in the mail and love it. That little snippet I read in the morning keeps me going all day. And oddly, it’s just the message I’ve need on each day. (hmmmm….prana at work?!) Those reminders are helping me to keep my yoga fresh.

  • Malea

    I switch classes & studios around to keep it fresh. All mornings, all afternoons, a mix of times = a mix of styles and challenges to keep things interesting.

  • OH so cool THANKS! Just getting over a nasty cold this week… guess its my body’s way of saying “take a break” and was happy to get your email that I’d won the outfit!

    LOVE reading all of the ways that yogis and yoginis keep their practice new and exciting and really enjoying the YogaDork blog.

    Keeping it Fresh!

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