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What kind of imbecile would refer to herself as a “dork”?

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There have been many comments on RebelYogagate, and we honor and welcome them all! However, we must share with you our favorite so far (sorry everyone else taking the time to thoughtfully share your voice), because we can really feel the heart.

From new YD reader Clem:

what kind of imbecile would refer to herself as a “dork”?

Followed by:

sorry for you, going through life seeing yourself as a ‘dork’!

couldn’t you do something more with your time, like grow and become a person???

Thank you, Clem*, for reminding us again why we do what we do, and why we’ll continue. Rock on, yogadorks. We love you! And we’re proud.

*we’ll also continue working on growing and becoming a person.



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  • Kids in my high school grew and became persons all the time, it was no big deal.

    I’d rather be a yogadork.

  • I’m a proud YogaDork, and also proud to say I was around for the very beginning of the #yogadork on Twitter, in which we all tweeted why we were proud YogaDorks.

  • I am a Yoga Dork too! I may be one of the biggest dorks because I swim in the Hatha and Hasya yoga pool.

    The yoga snobbery and my dorkness really took root when I started to show an interest in Laughter Yoga and then moved to obtain my Laughter Yoga Leader certificate (a 16 hour training). The snickers, stares and judgment from my fellow 200 hour RYT’s was palpable.

    Who made the proclamation if you show joy and laughter in a yoga class you are no longer a yogi? Utterly ridiculous.

    I plan to continue to smile in class and where appropriate, I will laugh.

    The judging yogis can just bite me…hard. *giggling*

    I teach people how to laugh, let go and open their hearts. What’s the point in being in dancers pose with a king-fu grip in your feet and a constipated look on your face from holding your breath trying to “nail” the asana?

    Down your dogs with a smile on your face, try child’s pose with giggling exhales and for the love of Buddha, stop being so damn serious people. It’s just yoga…

    Giggle Dork signing off. 😀

    P.S. I’ve been teaching combo Hatha/Hasya classes. One of my Reiki Master students told me she was afraid to try yoga because she thought it was a religion. If that doesn’t tell us we’re being too serious, I don’t know what does.

  • Ain’t nothing like poking fun at one’s Self coz we love our yoga so much! And there ain’t nothing like keeping in real in the name of being playful with our obsessions. All of which makes us #yogadork-ish. Ain’t no shame in that, no sir! 😀

  • While I’m a relative newbie to the #yogadork scene…this is one bandwagon I’m proud to jump on!!

  • Kelsea

    If that were a real button, I’d buy it. Just sayin. 😉

  • Dork, nerd, I am either or both when it comes to yoga (and other things). Let’s celebrate our self esteem and sense of humor!

  • Falesi

    Becoming a person is overrated.

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