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#365Yoga – How are you doing, Dorks?

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Thanks to Sarah for our 1/12th check in!

#365Yoga – How are you doing, Dorks?

Can you believe it?  We’re nearly 1/12 the way through our #365yoga journey!  How are you doing?

Personally, I’m a little fuddled.  I’ve been doing yoga for years.  I thought I was living my yoga pretty accurately and consistently.  I practice asana regularly, I teach yoga regularly, I write about yoga regularly, I talk yoga constantly.  I threw my mat into the ring for this journey of following Judith Hanson Lasater’s A Year of Living Your Yoga eagerly, but I didn’t think it would change my life at all.  I was wildly wrong.

So far, my experience has been incredibly eye opening.  I’m learning that I’ve been hiding from some truths for years.  By following the suggestions in AYOLYY, I am starting to come out from behind the bushes and face things.  Sounds horrible, eh?  It’s really not.  It’s gentle, loving, peaceful, and safe.  I’m discovering some really cool things about myself that I never knew, I’m remembering things about myself that I had forgotten, and I’m kicking to the curb some things I used to believe but no longer apply.

Mostly, though, I’m having a heck of fun!  I’m interacting with amazing yogis and yoginis around the world on Twitter (use hashtag #365yoga,) and on Facebook, and in blogs.  You all are some really incredible, funny, insightful, irreverent (my personal favorite) people!  It feels so lovely to be a part of a family of sorts, to be on a journey with so many fab folks.  I am gaining inspiration from you all and am so pleased to have been able to inspire some of you.

And here’s where we all gather around the campfire and sing Kumbaya.  Yeah.  Okay.  Just kidding.

Almost 1 full month in and already I’m changing.  I bet I’m not the only one.

Are you on the #365yoga journey with us? What has your experience been like so far?  Tell us about it!  Join the discussion here, on Twitter (#365yoga, @yogadork, @sarahkohl, @yoga_mydrishti, @sweatydarla for a start. And of course Judith Hanson Lasater at @judithyoga) and by following along with our #365yoga blogs – Sarahsana.wordpress.com, Flyingyogini.wordpress.com, Darlateachesyoga.wordpress.com.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late!  Grab the book and get going – it’s never too late to see how much fun living your yoga can be!



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  • Ryan

    First & I like that picture.

  • Thanks to MamaK for posting our first report! I am aboslutely gobsmacked by how much I am loving #365yoga!! It is changing the way I think about things, how I practice and how I teach. All of that sounds super #yogadorky but damn it’s true. I love the community it’s created and the impetus to write it’s given me. loving every minute!!

  • I am so happy to happen to stumble upon 365yoga on Twitter. I decided to start doing yoga at the beginning of the year. Being a part of the 365yoga community is very inspirational, and motivating!

    So I have to say, “Thank You” to all of you!!!
    Take care,

  • Ang

    Thanks for sharing the journey with us, Sarah! xoxo

    • No Thank YOU!!! It’s the cyber sangha that make this special. Each of you contribute…. ain’t it grand?

  • Meg

    Loving #365yoga. It’s a gentle reminder to live yoga in some way each day. Whether its studio class, home practice, meditiation between meetings, or my 5 Acts of Kindness project, I’m finding myself less stressed, less tired, and less anxious. More expansive in thoughts/deeds, more compassion with myself and my loved ones, and more asana of course!

  • Karin

    I love it!

  • shannon

    I’ve missed a few days but still: the discipline of doing my Bikram series every day has been interesting. I look forward to it more than when I did it, say, every other day. There has been a lot of stress around me–a very sick newborn grandchild, violence in the news that triggered my own PTSD, trouble with stepchildren, a mentally ill brother, etc–and doing yoga every day for almost an hour has been a sort of home base. I’ve been listening to Shiva Rae’s YOga Trance Dance while practicing and it’s wonderful.

  • Love this idea. Glad to know I’m not too late to join in. Just created column in my Tweetdeck.

  • Sevapuri

    I’m so glad to read this. Like you i’ve been practicing yoga for some years and teaching and i work in a yoga center but i found Judiths last aphorisms specifically the 22 23 24 january very very chalenging and i couldnt understand why. The first one i dismissed, the second one i started to thing hang on here and the third one was whoa there. Yoga IS challenging stuff. What i learnt here or relearnt is not to run away, face what is and accept where i am at even when its not where i think i am. What an mindopening exploration #365 yoga is. Thanks Sarah, thanks Judith thanks everyone

  • I hadn’t heard about this adventure but am going to hop on board. Excited to join and thanks for spreading the news!

  • #365yoga started my year off with putting me in a wonderful “frame” of mind- and the connection to the yoga community, practice, teaching- just a wonderful experience altogether! There’s no “oh man, I have to do this for a YEAR?!” It’s more like “Whoa. Where’d January go and now we’ve only got 10.5 months left!”

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