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This Week In Yoga: F-bomb Rappers and Bikram’s Diet of Meat, Coke, Sex

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Whoa! We’re thinking this week should be brought to you by an after school special and a bar of soap. Sudsy amuse bouche, anyone? Good grief! Pardon the expression, but we’re going to need a shit ton of yoga to wipe all this naughty fuckery from our soiled, sullied minds. Good thing we have the superpowers of #365yoga to balance us out! Speaking of, we’d like to remind you that we are still committed to keeping you charged up about living your yoga every day. Continue reading for the winners of our first #365yoga giveaway of the year! And stay tuned for more blogs of inspiration.

Also, just a reminder, cause maybe you hadn’t noticed, we now have an official YD mailing list! Finally, we know! So sign up if you would like to stay in touch with all the the important yoga news, and catch up on some smiles…cause, you know, that’s how we do.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

And now the winners of #365yoga YD Giveaway! Congrats to these 10 lucky yogis who will receive a copy of Judith Hanson Lasater’s A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life:

Emily L.




David P.

Nicole Marie





Thanks to all who shared in the comments. Let’s keep it up!

Happy weekend!



This Week In Yoga: Shift and Shake Your Curves Sisters and Yogi Homeys

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  • Is that Mimi me? Did you send me an email? If you did, I did not get it!

  • It must be me. I just checked and I’m the only Mimi who commented.


    (And I *have* been working on my hips. I do that goddamn Firelog during the commercial breaks in America’s Funniest Home Videos. The laughing at people falling down helps me be less. .. . . .. cranky, too.)

  • yes, me either…. how does this work.

    ps – mimi – I love it. agnistambasana is a killer.

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