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‘Type A Yoga Girl’ Profiled for Insurance Ad

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Hey ladies, is this you? The “Type ‘A’ Yoga Girl” jetting off to class like it was your job? This, just the latest in YogaPop, PEMCO’s new slew of cheeky ads for their “We’re A Lot Like You” campaign, where they point out the quirky habits of those darned adorably stereotypical Northwesterners. Other profiles include the “Oblivious Left-Lane Occupant,” the “Ponytailed Software Geek” and the “Smug Hybrid Driver.” Apparently, insurance companies are hip to this cool new trend called yoga, and its dedicated practitioners.

Ponytail? Check. Stretchy pants? Uh duh. Stevie Nicks? Pshaw, maybe if we were yogaing in the 80s. Hold on, let us grab our Aquanet and Walkman.

Actually, we’re kidding! Who doesn’t love Stevie? Clearly, not the NW folks. Anyone else annoyed with the salad thing? Just sayin’.



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  • What cracked me up was the vehicle. I drive a CRV, not a 4-Runner, but I must confess – it holds clean clothes, dirty clothes, towels (and yoga mats) strewn throughout. Pretty funny.

  • I am a remote Bee for BizeeBee and work in Seattle (The rest of the team is in sunny California). Pemco’s marketing team has been having fun with NW profiles for years now. The Type A Yoga Girl is creative, yet it says a lot about the NW, we LOVE our yoga. Even in tiny towns you can find a mini mart, coffee shop, taxidermist, gas station and a yoga studio all snuggled together.

  • Joy

    I wish I was that put together going off to yoga!

  • Ryan

    Do type A yoga girls not smile?

  • Love the ad – esp “chi that needs some centering” 🙂

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