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Er…”Fuck Yoga” the Rap (video)

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Two faces only a non-judging, compassionate yogi could love! We were holding this one for a rainy day. Perhaps the macho man’s response to I Need A Yogi for a Homey?

It’s kinda catchy, with the whole F-bomb hook, and the playful flute is a nice touch. So yeah…Warning: NSFW.
Offensive, sure, but you can’t tell us you haven’t felt like this at times! Besides, our guess is these guys lost the faux facial hair and dropped some down dogs after shooting the vid.

“Got stretchy pants, and my yoga mat. I gotta take off my shoes, what up with that?”

Yes, that’s one of the tamer lines.

thanks to yogi stand-up comic Abigoliah for the tip!



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  • Yoda Girl

    It’s all Lila.
    The up side – some will see the humor.
    The down side – others will not.
    As yoga means yoke = union with God.
    F yoga vs. Luv yoga — you choose?
    My vote is Luv yoga.
    Peace out.

  • dayita

    LOL! mos’ def’ been there – right about the time time it becomes clear that chaturanga is as close as we’re going to get to a resting pose 🙂 Amazing the emotions that *do* come up 🙂

  • I have no idea why, but I love this.

  • this is awesome. thanks, yogadork!

  • emily

    i actually thought it was kinda funny. even though i love yoga, i take joy in recognizing the humor in it.

  • Brandy

    As a yoga teacher, I love this video! People can be so uptight about yoga, which is the complete opposite of what we strive for which would be flexibility in body AND mind.

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