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A Sea of Young Yogis (photos)

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

Via MSNBC Photoblog: School children attend a mass yoga session during a camp in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad January 11, 2011, at the 21st International Kite Festival in India. At least 6,000 children participated, organizers said.

Kinda creepy and beautiful at the same time. Also, we don’t see any stickies on those socks.



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  • Chris

    Beautiful !

    Not at all creepy.

    Where on earth do you get the creepy from ?

    It’s just like gym-class, but outdoors, and since it is Yoga, it is HINDU Gym-class. Again, not at all creepy.

  • Not creepy for me either! As a kids yoga teacher, I think its impressive to see all the kids in their spots. That’s quite an accomplishment to get all those kids following instructions.

  • Rae

    “Kinda creepy and beautiful” = I agree completely. It is creepy in the inmates-dancing-to-thriller-youtube-video way.

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