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Seattle’s Best Yoga Coffee Campaign (video)

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And now for the latest in Yoga In Advertising: Think fast…no faster! What’s the one thing you absolutely crave in yoga class? Coffee! Right? That’s what Seattle’s Best has us believe in their new cutesy online ad campaign where SB employees pop up in the least likely places to offer folks caught in compromising circumstances a cup of joe. Yeah.

“This campaign truly brings to life the fun and optimistic nature of the new Seattle’s Best Coffee brand and for the first time shines a national spotlight on this brand,” said Michelle Gass, president of Seattle’s Best Coffee, in a prepared statement.

And a spotlight on yoga, cause yoga’s cool. Keep an eye under your mats, kids.

See three of the ads below, including the yoga bit (3rd one).



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  • now that brought a smile 😉

  • Okay, that made my day. Thank you very much. Retweeting. 🙂

  • smiling smiling smiling, thank you

  • thanks for the smile

  • you know you’ve had that thought of “hmm, coffee sounds good after class, oh crap, focus!” sometimes feels like there is a guy under my mat tempting me!

  • clever 🙂

  • Adorable! I want that guy to show up at my class! I mean, might be a little freaky and all, but, hey, he brings coffee!

    cute cute cute

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