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Actress Michelle Williams to Launch Yoga For Single Moms Project

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And sometimes Celebriyogis warm our yogadorky hearts! Hollywood starlet, perpetual cutie and habitual under-the-radar indie actress, Michelle Williams is speaking out on how yoga practice helped her become a better person and mother. So inspired, Williams has announced she’s opening a Boston area center, Yoga for Single Moms.

Ms. Williams explains in Feb’s issue of Marie Claire how yoga and meditation helped her cope with the loss of partner Heath Ledger in 2008 and to become a better mother for their daughter Matilda, now 5.

She explained: ‘Yoga gave me relief like nothing else; it made be a better person and a better mother.

‘I could come back to my daughter anew. And then I started to think about how expensive it is to get a babysitter to take a yoga class, which makes it out of reach for so many women.”

About the new project:

‘The idea behind the program is that if you can clear the time, we do the rest. It provides childcare while the mom is in the yoga class and it’s all free.’

Huzzah! Michelle credits her close relationship with Reese Witherspoon for getting involved in yoga. Celebriyogis unite.

mag cover via JustJared
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  • This is so cool. I am dying to know where in Boston this is going to pop up, although I have some good ideas based on the wonderful instructors Ms. Williams has lined up. Wonder what her connection to Boston is?

  • This is amazing! I know so many moms who struggle to find time in their busy busy days to make it to yoga! Now, we just need one of these in SF!

  • What a great idea! It’s lovely to see celebriyogis using their sway for some yoga-goodness.

  • Wen

    This is just lovely. I don’t have children myself & often I wonder if my yoga practice will dwindle to nothing when I eventually have one & I’d eventually have to give it up. Between giving up work, sleep, yoga, work & mother-child time, most mothers I know would give up yoga for survival reasons when the time taken to get to and from class, clean up after class and the actual class itself is possibly 3 hours just for one class a week. Most moms would rather save the money & spend those 3 hours with their children instead of engaging a babysitter.

  • Embee

    Such a lovely contribution by Ms. Williams. As a mother who has been to the studio ONCE since my 10 month old was born, I can attest to the need. I do practice at home, but there is something special about being in the studio with others.

    I wonder if it will be a charity? I would contribute.

  • Aaron Modesto

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