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New York’s Hot and Twisted, Trendy Yoga (photos)

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To hell with convention, New York Magazine has a feature this week on all the bent up, twisted out yoga trends happening in this fabulous Big Apple-asana. Some include newfangled toys like hoops, slack-lines, poles and whatchamacallit apparatus. Scroll down for more.

Adi Carter, slack-line yoga instructor for Yoga Slackers (yogaslackers.com)

“You feel the Upavishta Konasana most in your hips because of the straddle on the slack line. But it’s surprisingly sustainable—you can just kind of hang out it in for a while.”

Anya Porter, Breakti-yoga instructor at the Yoga Room

“The Grand Stand helps you get comfortable being upside-down. It’s one of the more spectacular yoga-breaking freezes.”

Megan Hornaday, aerial-yoga instructor at Yoga Sutra NYC

“There’s nothing more empowering than becoming strong enough to maneuver your body in the air. I can do splits horizontally or vertically; they really put the stretch in your hip and hamstrings.”

Raghunath Cappo, Yogamaya instructor

“I’m shitty at most things in life— I can’t change a tire or hang a picture. But I know the yoga game.”

See the full slideshow.



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  • The aerial yoga is something that I am dying to try. It not only seems like it would be an awesome workout, but also incredibly freeing. That’s it. The photo of Megan has inspired me. I am so there…:)

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