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This Week In Yoga: Live Your Year of Super Rich Yoga With Wesley Snipes While Adam Levine Gets Naked

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Ah yes, another one of those weeks. The sky is falling! No, wait, it’s just thousands of birds! No, it’s another blizzard! Er, actually it’s raining good intentions for #365yoga! Yes, that’s it. Indeed, we’re in for quite an interesting year from the get-go; the first full week of January and we’re already debating our current state of apocalypse and who we’d rather teach us yoga: Lady Gaga or Wesley Snipes. We think Gaga won! Anyway, makes you realize living your yoga is even more important than you thought. A dear friend of ours has a “be in the moment” tip for the east coasters enjoying yet another snowfall: Go outside, look up at the sky and pick a snowflake from as far up as you can see. Follow its journey all the way down to the ground. Find yourself, and the peace, in the moment. Then go inside…it’s cold! Watch for birds.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Other Yoga Drips:

  • “Attempt to oust yoga guru from oil firm’s board begins.” huh? [read more Irish Times]
  • The music debate plays on. The New York Times on the case of serious yoga tunes.  [read more]
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