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Baby Swinging Yoga Horror: Real of Fake? (video)

in World News, YD News

If birds dropping from the sky and dead fish washing ashore by the thousands weren’t signs of the impending Apocalypse, baby swinging yoga has confirmed our doom! Baby-swinging wah? Yes, videos have surfaced of a Russian video entitled “Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina.” Many thought it was fake, including Gawker sleuths, but upon further research this baby swinging thing has emerged as somehwat of a Russian/Ukrainian phenomenon. Oh the horror!

How is this yoga? We have no idea. Warning: Graphic images.



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  • Tai

    OMG! I hope this is fake!

  • I hope for the sake of that child that this is fake!

    Really freaky.

    Like shudder-at-your-desk-and-X-out-of-the-screen freaky.


  • Oops… YouTube already removed the video it was so shocking! Wow. Just… wow. Maybe I’m better off having NOT seen it, then!

  • zea12

    I know a couple who did this for their 2 children and they are both healthy ,vibrant, and mindful children. They are in better physical shape than children their age and able to interact well with adults and children their age. But what strikes me the most is their ability to spend quality time by themselves without the need for adult stimulation or constant entertaining!!!

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