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Goodbye, But Not So Long: It’s All Yoga Baby Retires

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And it is with a tearful yogi towel we bid adieu to dear friend and YD pal Roseanne’s blog, It’s All Yoga, Baby.  As of today it is retired! Of course we are super sad to see her step down from yoga watchdog empress, but we are also thrilled that she is reembarking on her dreams of writing short fiction, and maybe even a novel some day!

But don’t be too sad yogadorks, Ms. Roseanne isn’t giving up yoga, and you’ll be seeing her around these parts every so often, promise. Stay tuned!

If you like, share your thoughts in the comments, or head over to It’s All Yoga, Baby to watch Roseanne’s goodbye video message and send her your good wishes!

We wish Roseanne the best of luck!!!

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