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Funked Up! Breakti: Breakdancing and Yoga (video)

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Did we not warn you all about the breakdancing yogis? It was written in the stars! Or is that, the graffiti? Anyways, here we are, a full on yoga and breakdancing combo called Breakti. What makes this different from other hybrids, in our opinion, is that yoga is very much an essential element throughout the practice. In fact, the session starts with 30-40mins of yoga and then gets down and funky with your sukha selves on the floor with spins, freezes and other cool breakdancing terms.

Is this a new trend for 2011? Well+Good say so, and according to ABC 7 who just did a news feature (see below!) on the fusion think it’s the greatest trend since cutting the rug.

It’s an interesting clip, stick through to the end – from 2.15 mark is priceless. Oh, TV newscasters making hip hop and yoga jokes. We heart you.

Via Breakti founder Anya Porter’s site anyaporter.com:

Breakti is an effort to create union (yoga) within our-Selves, as well as with gravity, music and our experience. We do this by weaving philosophy and specific structural principles of yoga together with music to inform a deeper understanding of our relationship to the floor and to rhythm, ultimately providing a foundation for the more dynamic movement of street dance (i.e. breakin’, house, rocking)



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  • $25??!! Holy moly.

  • Caitlin

    And it rules!

  • funny combination: Breakdance and Yoga. I never thount that these two might come together. but the video shows, that it works… 😉

  • kiwi

    Why bother calling it Yoga…it’s a dance class!

  • BBoyYogi

    @Suhara + kiwi It’s really all just movement no matter what it’s called! Looking forward to furure Yoga + random-discipline mashups 🙂

  • I want to do this!

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