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YogaDork Giveaway! Win Russell Simmons New Book ‘Super Rich’

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We’re so excited about this giveaway from we’ve had LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out” on repeat the last 4 hours!* That’s not true, Beastie Boys got some fair spins. (*Def Jam reference, people) “So whatcha whatcha watcha want?” A new book by super mogul-rific yogapreneur Russell Simmons? You’re in luck! He has a new book out today to make you rich! And we’re giving away a copy! Oh, so much excitement!

Yeah, we know, who needs another get rich book? Before you judge, no, it’s not literally what you might think, but it is, kinda. UncleRush explains that being “rich” and “having it all” has more to do with how you live rather than what you have (say the press materials we received, because, sadly, despite our grandest efforts and tireless campaigning, we did not get to interview YogiRuss, YET – more on that later).

In SUPER RICH (in super capital letters) RS delves into his series of successes, and how journeys into meditation and the principles of yoga changed his life for the better. Expect a genuinely candid, accessible, motivational guide extolling the benefits of keeping worldly and spiritual success closely tied together in order to find this fabulous “wealth.” We read the book, and truly believe Russ when he urges us to give and be of service in order to receive and to achieve the greatest success: consciousness of our higher selves. Check out some excerpts at GlobalGrind.

WIN: A copy of SUPER RICH: A Guide to Having It All, by Russell Simmons, courtesy Gotham Books, publisher.

HOW TO WIN: Get us an interview with Russ! — just kidding! To enter simply add in the comments your ideas of living a “super rich” life. What does that mean to you? Then, kindly vote in our poll. Thanks 🙂

Giveaway closes end of day Friday. Winner will be chosen at random and announced the following Monday. Good Luck!

“Because you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop!”

UPDATE: Congrats to Heather for winning!!! Thanks to all for sharing your inspiring thoughts and comments. May you all live a life that’s super rich. xo



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  • Being super rich would mean being able to do what I want when I want with no regard to money.

  • Living a SUPER RICH life to me means being able to help all the animals I can help and being authentically me.

  • Cristina

    Being super rich would mean I’d be able to go away on a lot of great exotic yoga vacations and participate in yoga workshops & trainings with amazing teachers! I’d also be able to start various programs to help those in need and in spreading the benefits of yoga to those who might otherwise might not have access to it – like those here in Cameroon where I’m serving now as a Peace Corps volunteer!

  • Living a Super rich life is being able to experience all range of human emotions. To love fully and deeply, to laugh from all the heart, to be sad, to feel compassion….life would be dull without emotions.

  • How I’m Living a SUPER RICH Life: Think more positive than negative thoughts about everyone, especially myself. Send positive vibes to everyone on my mind, minimize gossip and negative speak. Thank everyone and everything, even my dog. Every day my actions are more and more intentional. Started a six-time tracking system today and will continue it as long as I live. Bow to egos everywhere, especially my own.

  • Pam

    Um, my plan is simple. Get money, get paid. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBRL7D0wcXM)

    JK. My Life Philosophy: “If it doesn’t make you happy don’t do it”

    Conversely, “If you know you WONT regret it, DO IT”

    Really applies to everything, work, play, sport, etc.

  • A few months ago, I made the mistake of telling my beloved yoga teacher I wouldn’t attend this year’s Yoga Journal conference because I was “poor” thanks to teacher training (and various other obligatory expenses that plague this life). Well, she gasped, whipped her light little body around, pointed her finger in my face and said, “SHHH! You are not poor. Don’t you ever, ever say that again! Never! You are rich beyond your wildest dreams.” And then she forcefully kissed my forehead.

    It was like whoa.

    Although she didn’t say much, her reaction and response to a comment that I frequently uttered in the past really got me thinking: No, I’m not poor. I am rich. SUPER rich! And can be even more rich if I feel like it, because “rich” is a state of mind, an appreciation for what you have instead of what you want – and maybe even a state of not wanting (dose of asteya anyone?). So what defines a “super rich” life? It’s this one – the one that you have right here, right now. Breath, love, practice – to be super rich is to have these things!

    • Yoda Girl


      While reading your comment I thought to myself that yogic philosophy does teach usthat we are divine sparks and to be greatful for what we have and good karma yogini’s. And most swami’s take vows of poverty. So, I’m wondering in 2011 most people work for a living and as RS did,
      he hustled in his younger days and 2011 it appears that he’s on the spiritual path. And makes statements like money does not make you happy. On the other hand perhaps he was on the spiritual path all of the time and able to HAVE IT ALL. This book will be a good read. Perhaps, those of us still working day jobs vs. creating the life of our dreams — should focus on our vision. Your teacher has your back. Peace.

  • cathy

    Any extra cash inflow, little rich or super rich, would sure help pay the gas when I travel to give Karma Yoga Classes.

  • Le

    Too funny-Love the poll.

    Rich is having time for myself.

  • Yoda Girl

    All human beings are superrich; however, to accomplish what I’m describing 1-10 I’d need vitality and a dream team and 100xs Bill Gates rich to finance : ^) Thanks for asking the question and giving me an opportunity to think out of the box. This was fun.
    1) provide basic food, shelter, clothing and water all people who do not have it
    2) join the UNCouncil and add my voice to world peace leadership
    3) build free hospitals, schools, spritual centers and libraries with technology labs
    4) solicite proposals from all thinking people who are under the radar (give them a chance to get in the game) of their ideas of how to become the change the wish to see in the world. Give them a chance to live their direams. The proposals would be reviewed by the Live Your Dreams foundation established by me.
    5) Instead of McDonald’s build McHealthyFoods
    6) Instead of Liquor Stores give away water
    7) build wellness centerrs all over the world
    8) ensure equal opportunity for all of humanity
    9) add a TV, radio, newspaper, motion picture institution which show life enhancing and empowering programming which teach people how to thrive and become more resilent
    10) ensure that all of humanity understood — do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For now — I’ve written 10. I’ll be back.

    • Yoda Girl

      Yup, I’m responding to myself.

      My first round I focused upon changing the world.

      This round, I feel I am super rich. Yesterday, I gave away smiles. All day long I was smiling at people and passing out oranges. I went to whole foods and bought a bunch. My point,
      each one of us is superrich. And what we can give don’t cost nothing. A smile, kind word, good vibrations, attitude, energy, a blessing, mindfulness, appreciation, random acts of kindness.
      I am convinced that these things are what makes us super rich and happy. I was reflecting on the Ted w/the golden voice story. There he was standing in the street with a simple sign and a huge smile. When he opened his mouth and spoke, it was BAM and that smile BAM BAM. It was like this man lit up the world. We are all divine sparks created in the image of the God of your choice. Ted said that — “God of your choice.” The man is deep.

      Peace be with you. We are alive and SUPER RICH. The best things in life are freel. Add health to my list. No amount of money in the world can pay for good health. I’ve done the research on how much $$ the super rich invest into healing themselves. Truth, if ill, anyone of them would up a kazillion dollars to be health. Health and a sound mind is superrich.

  • Lou

    Being SUPER RICH would be SUPER FUN!!!
    Actually, I’m already SUPER RICH though you wouldn’t know it from my bank account. I’m SUPER RICH because I get to do everything I want to do, and am my own Master.
    I love hearing about other SUPER RICH people because it’s such a positive, expansive energy.
    May we all be SUPER RICH!

  • Therese

    Living a super rich life to me means having the flexibilty to go out and try new things.

  • Deanne

    Rich is being able to share with the world. Share my love of yoga, share my compassion, share my wisdom, share my listening ear. Rich is sharing.

  • Holly

    living SUPER RICH to me means being happy with enough — enough health to practice (and hopefully teach someday) without pain; enough money and wily wits to house, feed, clothe and educate myself, my husband and our three children; enough love, patience and wisdom (and some more wily wits) to get those three kids through school and out on their own; enough love for myself and my husband when that day comes; enough time to do all we want to do. THATs living SUPER RICH. ridiculously rich would mean being able to jet off to tropical sandy places without sweating the cost. that, and peace on earth.

  • Tanya

    To me being living SUPER RICH means being able to buy whatever you want or need and not feeling guilty about it.

  • Brooks R

    Being rich is realizing that it’s not about what you have or how much people envy you because of your money or job. It’s about being grateful for all of the things in this life that make you laugh or smile or even cry because you are here to experience it.

  • Being super rich is to have and take the time to do what is good for me.

  • Being super rich is a mindset. Especially now, after all the holiday excess it feels like something I’m inspired to go for this year.

  • Kimba Carvalho

    SUPER RICH means different things to everybody but to me it is like a desert where the first bite is awesome but the other bites slowly begin to taste too sweet unless you share

  • Pauline Dinkins

    SUPER RICH is not about money at all….It’s about positive attitude
    and “What would God do ” applied to your everyday living.

  • Derrick Avery

    Super Rich: First of all when one has become Super Rich he has to give God THANKS for making it possible. You have to be humble and remember where you came from. Also being able to help your family and contribute to causes that you know will use the money wisely. Being Super Rich means to live modest and save for that rainy day.

  • Being passionate about something, enjoying family and friend time and focusing on the little things in life.

  • Elizabeth

    A Super Rich life means being thankful and content for what you have; using resources wisely; sharing with others, especially those who are less fortunate; and lots of time to pet my cat.

  • KB

    A super rich life to me is measured by how present I am in this moment – how grateful I am for what I have. 🙂

  • anna lene

    SUPER rich, well, yes, having it all! The title sums it up quite well ;).

  • Being super rich gives you the opportunity to give back, for the gifts you be giving.

  • shan

    SUPER RICH is just me being me — day to day. Everyday is different and for that I give thanks.

  • Jenna

    Being super rich would mean being an extraordinary philanthropist on a massive scale – championing food, mind/body, health, education and nature causes. It would also mean providing my family with the security, stability, and education they desire. It would mean dreaming BIG!

  • jason

    Russell Simmons has his own prepaid credit card targeted toward the poor black community
    Charges them activation fees, monthly fees, transaction fees, balance inquires! This should be illegal. Profiting from economically disadvantaged communities!

    Please remove this post. Why would you promote someone like this?

  • Living a super rich life means that I would be able to help those who need it (whether it be through money or not… ala Ted Williams’ recent fame). I would be able to, first, take care of myself. Then my family. Then close friends. And setup a foundation to promote help of others.

  • Erwin

    Living a Super Rich life means living each moment as a new experience. Being appreciative for who you are, where you are, and what’s possible. Living in love each moment, and making each moment a success through living love.

  • Simply:Life is precious and making the most of the opportunities to achieve a higher self through self awareness and giving of yourself time and even your possessions will in turn make you and our children and anyone who may need to be inspired by you greater through the power of you being this kind of person.

  • Roy

    Super rich means living and giving more of life each and everyday.

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