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Wesley Snipes: Kung Fu Movie Star, Prison Yoga Instructor

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News flash: Wesley Snipes, Hollywood actor who’s kung fu’d across the big screen is the same Wesley Snipes currently serving a 3 year sentence for tax evasion, is the same Wesley Snipes teaching yoga in the clinker to fellow jail mates. According to TMZ, so you know:

… Snipes is teaching yoga to some of the other inmates at the McKean Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. We’re told Snipes requested yoga mats for himself and a few others … and his request was granted.

Way to stay centered Snipes. Mr. Wes is also presently embroiled in a lawsuit against New Line Cinema, the studio behind the Blade movie series, claiming he wasn’t paid his full salary. If he’s smart we should all be expecting Blade IV: Yogi Vampire Slayer “Incarceration is No Obstacle in Blade’s Thirst for Peaceful Revenge”.

Nice hack photoshop job there, TMZ.



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  • Sounds like a good practice to me- and its great that he is sharing the joy of yoga with others.

    It is hard to get a prison yoga program started from the outdie, so maybe there is a good reason why Wesley is there now…

  • Great Post. Thanks for sharing the information.

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