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This Week In Yoga: Madonna, Lululemon, Yoga Dudes Stuff Our Stockings

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Happy Merry! If you’re reading this blog post we at least hope you’re taking a breather from the holiday madness, kicking your feet up with a piping hot cup of Christmas cheer. Yep, it’s Christmas Eve so we’re going to keep this just how we like our holiday eggnog – short, sweet and a little spicy.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

  • Uh oh, the Grinch made your lulu bag! Alert! Lululemon Shopper Bag Recall Over Lead Dangers
  • Tired of cramped leg room and travel delays? Come on, Vogue-a. Madonna Pops Into Yoga on Airplane, Bursts Passengers’ Bubbles
  • Joy to the World. Unemployed Get Free Yoga Benefits
  • Is that a neti pot in your pocket? Dudes Doing Yoga, Happy To See Us
  • Need even more to celebrate? Check out the time-lapse video recap! Winter Solstice+Full Moon+Lunar Eclipse=Epic Awesomeness
  • Too much family time? Take a break, check out our Best Holiday Yoga Blog Post Roundup 2010
  • Stocking Stuffers:

    • The Indian cricket team decided to incorporate yoga! So they hired a dude from Zimbabwe, or did they? [read more]
    • Need we more yoga memoirs? This one from Claire Dederer poses an answer. heh [Poser: My Life In Twenty Three Yoga Poses – New York  Times book review]

    Merry to all!



    This Week In Yoga: In Which Brangelina, China, and B.K.S. Iyengar Danced the Yoga Tango

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