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Best Holiday Yoga Blog Post Roundup 2010

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Happy Holiday Merriment! Are you off traveling? Scrambling to get last minute gifts? Looking forward to lounging in your PJs with a cup of hot cocoa and those sweet little marshmallows? Whatever your holiday ritual, we here at YD send our sincerest wishes for a safe, healthy and joyous end of December 2010-ness. We’ll be taking a brief pause to reflect on this year in YD, far, far away from a computer. Like, it will totally be in the other room while we unwrap presents. Speaking of gifts, here we have for your reading pleasure our favorite holiday posts from some of our favorite yogi blogsters.

Happy reading, happy holidays, happy happy!

YogaDawg‘s Night Before Christmas: ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the shala. No creatures were stirring, not even Dalai Lama…’

YisForYogini‘s 12 days of yoga series: ‘Seven Chakras Shocking, Six Sirsas Bobbing…’

YogiInterrupted‘s 10 Horrible Yoga Gift Ideas: Stinky mat and trippy meditation glasses are a no-no.

Cora Wen‘s Winter=Warm Kidney:  ‘Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year. In Chinese Medicine the short day and long night is the balance point of Yin and Yang…’

Well+GoodNYC‘s A Buddhist plan for banishing holiday ghosts:  ‘Ways to avoid becoming stuck in a negative spiral like Scrooge this holiday’

Did we miss one? Add your fave in the comments.

Stay toasty yogadorks! Or get toasty! you know, whatever your fancy 🙂



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    • Thanks for the mention, YD! Happy end of the old, and start of the new. xo

    • Great list! I’ve especially been loving Y is for Yogini’s series!!

    • Happy Holiday Dork. I think there will be some interesting new yoga developments in the New Year…wink, wink…

    • YogaDork,

      Wow! Thank you for the shout-out! I am humbled to be mentioned on your awesome blog, and on any list including the likes of the ladies at W+G, and yogi-bloggers like Lo, Cora, and the Dirty Dawg. This has certainly made my blogging year!

      ~ Birdie

    • YogaDork,

      Just found your site really enjoying your blog, keep it coming.


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