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Alert! Lululemon Shopper Bag Recall Over Lead Dangers

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Woops! Attention lululollies! A voluntary recall is in effect for those loveable reuseable bags they call “shoppers”.  Looks like “Do One Thing A Day That Scares You” includes carrying around lead-laden tote bags touting cheeky words of inspiration. (note: reportedly, right now it is an environmental hazard rather than a direct health risk)

Apparently, something went awry with one of the manufacturers of the bags, whose name is not mentioned, but rest assured CEO Christine Day is on the case.

“We choose our partners carefully and the manufacturer of the shoppers is known for its green practices, and is co-operating fully with our review,” Day said in a news release.

“While we conduct that review, we believe that from a long-term environmental perspective it is better to stop distributing these bags. Our guests will be provided with shoppers from other manufacturers that do not raise potential environmental concerns.”

The discontinued bags were distributed between Nov. 1, 2009 and Dec. 18, 2010.

Here’s a first draft list of the lead-y bags:


  • Ambassador Shopper — Small (English and French)
  • Ambassador Shopper — Large (English and French)
  • ivivva athletica shopper


  • Red Manifesto Shopper – Small
  • Red Manifesto Shopper – Large

The bags distributed online were:

  • E-commerce Shopper – Small
  • E-commerce Shopper – Large

We’re promised a full list will be out shortly. You can return your bag to any retail store, or call 1-877-263-9300 ext. 2 for lululemon crisis tact force.



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    • Oh. Hey now. That’s no good. There’s some sort of hubris fail in this somewhere: the bags are so bossy about what’s good for me, which does not, it now appears, include the use of this bag!

    • Tact force or task force? Paging Dr. Freud, paging Dr. Freud please.

    • RemyG

      Thanks, Yoga Dork, for taking note of this! I went to the Lululemon store in Berkeley CA the other day and mentioned the recall to a sales associate and she didn’t know what I was referring to. It seems like there’s been no news of the voluntary recall here in the US.

      But it’s on Lululemon’s website: http://www.lululemon.com/shoppers?sli=1.

      I’m disappointed the company hasn’t done a better job of taking care of its customers. Thanks for having our backs!!!!

    • Lauren

      I just bought a scuba hoodie today in Palm Beach Gardens and they handed it back to me in the large bag. WHY HAVEN’T THEY REMOVED THEM FROM THE STORES???

    • I can’t believe all the free press these bags have gotten. What a way to brand.

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