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Dudes Doing Yoga, Happy To See Us

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Well hello there! 

Tired of yoga dudes not getting enough recognition and face time? Well thank dudeness, it’s Dudes Doing Yoga to the manly rescue. Oh right, because guys do yoga too. No, it’s not meant for the intent and purpose of sweet tooth eye candy (we don’t think), but hey we’ve been oogling enough over scantily-clad slimfit yoginis in the media that this is a much needed gift of relief. A stocking stuffer for the holidays if you will. ahem.

A message from the site’s owner :

 for you guys who haven’t yet started a practice, maybe it will motivate you to start (and please feel free to submit questions). and for those of you who do have a practice, please share your photos and anything else you think might be interesting using this link.

Does this actually make the bros want to try yoga? Well we’re motivated to do something that’s for sure. So OK guys, who’s man enough to submit next?

tip: there are more pics on the site. get clicking on the arrow button on bottom right side.



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  • they don’t look like any of the guys I ever see in classes in my area!

  • admin

    seriously. where are the dude’s dudes?

  • I love love love the Yoga Dudes site. Love seeing it pop up in my RSS reader, full of inspiring and ridiculous photos 🙂

    For more about guys who yoga, check out the new series on Alive in the Fire, REAL MEN DO YOGA!

    Some really great yogis are participating, and you should consider doing the same.

    Submit your story today!

  • I’m more impressed by the chubby, balding, middle-aged dads I see in my classes. Householders all the way!

  • Yogi-A

    I scanned through the site before, and I’m not very impressed by it…
    When I teach, the real guys I see are the bulky stiff, or kegger carrier trying to twist themselves into a pretzel. I admit, I’m pretty flexible in comparison to most guys in my neighbourhood, but I’ve spent a lot of time working on it. I use that message to motivate people to work hard rather than just show them all the crazy things I can do.

    Those pictures are so aesthetically drive, it’s not really going to make too many GUYS want to do yoga…If They can have a slide show of people’s progress, then it’d be a lot more effective.

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