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This Week In Yoga: In Which Brangelina, China, and B.K.S. Iyengar Danced the Yoga Tango

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Ahoy there! We have arrived! To where? Oh, so many places dear yogadorks – the past, the present, the next generation of Broadway yoga babies.  This time of year it’s easy to slip into a pattern of reflection – so much has happened! we’ve been through so much together! where has the time gone?? – but just remember, no matter what it is, this too shall pass. As we step kick our way into the final stretch of holiday pandemonium may we lead with opened hearts toward the future, with compassion and reverance for the past. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the ride, because there is much more to come.  Was it the great prophet Angelina Jolie who once said, “These babies will grow, but I can always adopt more. ”

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

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Hey hey, still need to shopasana? Check out the YogaDork Holiday Gift Guide 2010:  and vote in the Pie-in-the-sky yoga gift poll.

Other Merry Gifts of the Interwebs:

  • The Yoga Dude goes to class with his Yoga Dad. “My dad, possessed of the least-troubled mind in all existence, said, “Eh. I just feel good when it’s done.”’ Neal Pollack shares his father/son Thanksgiving yoga journies. [read at thefastertimes.com].
  • Down dogging in Dubai: Dubai Internet City will host the first Yoga Fest 2010 offering complimentary yoga and meditation classes from 7.00am – 8.00pm on 21 December at the DIC outdoor amphitheatre. [more info here]
  • Oh, remember Lululemon? Yeah, they’re still making boatloads of cash. “The stock has rocketed up more than 45% in the last month and is nearly 130% higher year-to-date.” [read more
  • Fascinating story of the week: This Woman is Literally Fearless, as in she lacks functionality in her amygdala, the brain’s fear center.

Enjoy your weekend! Good luck to the last minute shoppers and bless the hearts of those who are done or don’t care.

If you’ve been keeping up with YD Yoga School this is the final week of training! Ahh! Stay tuned for recaps and ruminations.



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  • I wonder if this will spark a trend and get the other half of the human race onto the mat an into spiritualiy in a bid to be like Brad!?!

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